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Sandy Beach Coming To WiiWare Soon

Posted by Darren Calvert

With the summer coming to an end, it is rather thoughtful of Konami to provide a WiiWare game which lets the player enjoy all the fun of the seaside without even stepping out of their front door! Sandy Beach is a 3D sandcastle simulation which lets players use the Wii Remote to sculpt their own miniature structure.

Vermin may seek to destroy your castle but you can enter “crab mode” to inflict massive damage on this foes. Defend Your Castle meets giant enemy crabs, amazing scenes!

It is thought that this game is the new name for Fresco Beach, a game which Konami mumbled about way before the WiiWare service kicked off. It will feature one player and co-op two player options, as well as the ability to snap pictures and save them to your photo album.

The game is being developed by a studio called Frozen Codebase who seem to be quite talented so it will be interesting to see how good this turns out to be, especially after the dissapointing Critter Round-Up which Konami published. You can expect to see Sandy beach sometime in the Fall / Autumn this year. Check out the screenshots in our gallery below.

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

I JUST heard about this 15 minutes ago. Lol.
Anyway, unless they bring something more to the table, if they price it anything higher than 500, they're done for...

I sincerely hope they have more to the game than simply fending off crabs and building sand castles. Lol. I'd hate to see it turn out like Critter Round-Up...



AlexSays said:

Great news.
This game is NOT being developed by the people responsible for Critter Round-Up.

So this game has a shot of being half-way decent.



Draygone said:

Apologies for the accidental pun, but I do hope this game has a sandbox mode in it. I'd rather not have to deal with rats trying to destroy my castle while I'm trying to make the grandest sand palace the world has ever seen.



MarkyVigoroth said:

"Vermin may seek to destroy your castle but you can enter “crab mode” to inflict massive damage on this foes. Defend Your Castle meets giant enemy crabs, amazing scenes!"

Everything of that game (not Sandy Beach) is accurate about Japanese hstory EXCEPT the crab! If you get rid of the crab, the game becomes truly accurate!



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

This doesn't really look all that compelling... I agree with a previous poster who said that this game really couldn't be priced any higher than 500 points, unless it gets a whole bevy of options we don't know about yet.



CanisWolfred said:

Hmmm, I think I'll look out for this. I like sand castles, and I liked DYC, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one.



blackknight77 said:

What cool idea! Looks innovative
There has been a ton of Wii Ware news today. DId they just have a Wii Ware conference or something?



Twilight_Crow said:

No, I don't think so, but surely it's a nice thing to see some refreshing ideas, I never imagined a sand castle simulator, I hope they get it right; I don't like sand castles but I know many does.



Ricardo91 said:

Sandcastles were fun in my younger days (though the ones I made were pretty dinky. ), and crushing crabs is also fun, but I think I'll pass. I'd rather go to a real beach and make real sand castles.
Then again, since the Critter guys aren't in charge, It might be better than I think...



Yasume said:

Hmm, if the price isn't higher than 700 Wii points, I'll probably give it a shot someday.



Wesbert said:

Could be fun. I'm just wondering whether the sandcastle-theme is merely decorative, or whether they will include other beach-type hazards (apart from crabs). Like the flood...



Wiiloveit said:

I don't see how this could be any fun at all, to be honest. Creative peoples might enjoy it, but other than that there doesn't appear to be much else you can get out of this. I must admit that I laughed when I read the story though.



Terra said:

Where in the world is Crescendo? I don't care much for Sandy Beach as i live in Bournemouth which has loads of beaches. However, the Crescendo game they mentioned ages ago interested me and i want to hear more



StarDust4Ever said:

Actually looks like fun. The make-or-break for this title will likely be the level of customization that you can achieve. Oh, and don't try to sell it this time for like 1000pts, please!

If you pinch too many pennies, it will stink and you won't make as much profit. That is what killed Critter RoundUp.



calculon said:

Holy hell in a hand grenade . What's this crap? Building sand castles, ASBO crabs? You've got to be kidding me!

Oh, well WiiWare World did say we've reached the peak of WiiWare development so I guess it's all downhill from now on



blackknight77 said:

You know I was thinking this would be a good release for January or February while we are getting snow, ice storms and freezing rain.



mailanbr said:

Hm, seems like you build your own castle, and must protect it. Combination of FFCC:MLAK and DYC much?



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Am I the only one who thinks the graphics resemble a horrible tech-demo? Seriously, these graphics are inexcusable, even for a downloadable game. No thanks, I'd rather play DYC.



mailanbr said:

Oh yes of course. DYC I would definitely stay with (mainly considering I already have it). I am just saying how the concept seems a little interesting, but never said I was gonna get it

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