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Enjoy a fun day at Sandy Beach as you build elaborate sand castles.

You can work peacefully on your sand castle or enter into a battle with invading crabs in Crab Battle mode. Players will strategically build their sand castle and use cannons to defend it against an army of destructive crabs. After successfully defending your sand castle, discover beach treasures and additional cannons with your metal detector to customize your castle even more

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Hopefully that’s just sand in your pants and not crabs…

Konami is well known in the gaming world and is a much larger game company than the typical WiiWare studio. With their resources, a simple budget title should be something they could throw together in a weekend. Unfortunately, Sandy Beach (developed by...

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Nintendo Download: 6th August (Europe)

6th August (Europe)

Sand and chess on WiiWare; Aero 2 on VC; Links, chess and puzzles on DSiWare

To call this a catch-up week would be a slight understatement: several of these games have been out for months, with one game reaching European shores after over a year and a half. Enough history, let's get on with it. WiiWareSandy Beach (500pts, Konami) – This sandy simulator was released in North America in January..

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Nintendo Download 04-05 August 2009 (JAPAN)

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News: USA WiiWare Update: Sandy Beach

USA WiiWare Update: Sandy Beach

It’s time to pop on your trunks, grab your bucket and spade and head for the beach – Konami’s Sandy Beach is now available on the North American WiiWare service! For a mere 500 Wii Points you can experience the joy of constructing your own sandcastle from the comfort of your own tatty armchair.

You can choose to construct the most fantastic sandcastle imaginable or make things a little more..

News: Sandy Beach Coming To WiiWare Soon

Sandy Beach Coming To WiiWare Soon

With the summer coming to an end, it is rather thoughtful of Konami to provide a WiiWare game which lets the player enjoy all the fun of the seaside without even stepping out of their front door! Sandy Beach is a 3D sandcastle simulation which lets players use the Wii Remote to sculpt their own miniature structure.

Vermin may seek to destroy your castle but you can enter “crab mode” to inflict..

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User Comments (15)



MarkyVigoroth said:

Hnn... treasure? Must be a way to add to the castle...
HP? Can rebuilding the castle restore HP?
2-Player? That makes the gameplay easier. /telling the truth/
Wave? Crab time? Cannons?

By the way, how would the controls be?

(And yes, I was motivated to be the 1st commenter...)



Junichi said:

Can I make the sand castles like I do in real life? When I make sand castles I put bricks in them so that when the nasty little children come and kick them over, they'll have a little suprise. It will teach them an important lesson in life - not to be mean by destroying people's work. It also provides me great amusement when I see the little bones in their foot shatter, and hear their cries of agony .



Mabbit said:

the graphics look like it came out of a n64 game but it still looks kinda fun



Yasume said:

Not the best graphics, but isn't really important if this game has good gameplay. Co-op could be fun.



Objection said:

@Junichi-I cant believe its taken me this long to read your hilarious comment.
As for the game, I can't believe it takes almost a smany blocks as FUN FUN. (Just 6 less.) That game is purdy and this'n isn't. ( I apologize)

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