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Gameshastra To Bring Tumblebugs To WiiWare

Posted by Darren Calvert

Here's a cheeky little press release about a game called Tumblebugs which is said to be coming to WiiWare later this year. As you will see from the screenshots below this is pretty much a Zuma / Actionloop clone. Happy days eh?

Wildfire and Gameshastra announce deal to deliver Tumblebugs on WiiWare

Today Hyderabad and Los Angeles based Gameshastra announces an agreement to create the Wii version of Brisbane based Wildfire Studios' wildly popular and critically acclaimed Tumblebugs franchise.

Since first launching in 2005, Tumblebugs and the recently released sequel Tumblebugs 2, have generated 40+ million downloads.

“We are strong believers in console based casual games,” says Prakash Ahuja, CEO of Gameshastra, “especially given the recent transformation of consoles from historically teen focused gaming devices to now becoming family entertainment hubs in many living rooms across the globe. We are very focused on titles that satisfy this new, broad demographic.”

Darren Baker, CEO of Wildfire Studios says “We enjoyed working with Gameshastra on Tumblebugs 2 PC, and are excited to collaborate again to bring our games to the emerging realm of console casual gaming. The broad consumer appeal and high production values of Wildfire’s titles make them a natural fit for the console space.”

“After working closely with the Wildfire team to create background art for Tumblebugs 2 we realized the game was a fantastic WiiWare candidate,” Rahul Sandil, VP of Sales at Gameshastra says. “The key to a successful Wii port is the ability to expand the title to take advantage of the unique Wiimote input system, and we feel we have came up with a very innovative design that combines the regular ‘shoot-to-match 3’ experience with some very unique Wii specific mechanics.”

The game is expected to be available on Nintendo’s WiiWare service in the fall of 2008.

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Bahamut_ZERO said:

Yet again, another fall game......

Dosn't look too interesting though. Mainly cause the game is made by a "Wii is casual" supporter.



Virus said:

It's always great to see new and innovative games come out...I'm still waiting...



Phantom5800 said:

Uggg, why not just buy Magnetica now? Ya it doesn't control perfectly, but it looks like the exact same game imo.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

“We are strong believers in console based casual games,”


Did he just ADMIT that the Wii is for casuals and not for hardcores!


But seriously, this looks just like Magnetica. There are WAAAAYYY too many puzzle games on WiiWare. We need more good shumps like Star Soldier R.



Tabbyluigi said:

Buy Magnetica instead of this it is a great game, even though the controls are messed up, Bahamut ZERO I agree we should have more good shumps. Heck I would buy Pong Toss over this because there is no title like it or is copied from something else, also i checkes the Wii Shop Channel and wild west guns is up to the 5th spot and the last 4 are: 17: Magnetica Twist, 18: Pop, 19: Toki Tori, and 20: Protothea.



DEMON212 said:

Only thing I dislike about Twist is the severe lack of Multiplayer options/games.

Where the hell is endless or some different patterns for co-op? Would making 10-20 co-op maps have really been that hard?



Objection said:

Nearly everyone who complains about Magnetica Twist's controls has never played the game. They are fine. Hell, they are good. It would've been nice to have a "Aim with wiimote" mode, but twisting remote or sideways remote style works great. As for this game, I'm surprised that so many companies can create Zuma/Magnetic games and no one gets sued.
@Demon212 I do agree that Twist could have had a few more modes, especially ENDLESS. That would be Geometry Wars-style awesome. "How long can you survive?" I wanted Multiplayer VS though.



Pegasus said:

I think I may finally just get Zuma for my Mac. What? A clone that's better than the original? That's definitely one of the rarer cases. Magnetica is just too bland and Twist's controls aren't exactly the most stellar; an IR pointer option would have made so much sense. As for the other clones, I've tried quite a few over the years but they've all felt poorly derived when compared to the former.



Terra said:

This looks like it could be a decent Actionloop clone. I hope it at least looks less bland and has better controls



Ry1724 said:

Actually I was quite addicted to the first Tumblebugs game and found it to be, in my opinion, better then zuma or actionloop. I look forward to this.



CanisWolfred said:

@Tides of Chaos

Same here. I mean if you're gonna copy a game, but give it another asthetic, don't pick something as unappealing as bugs. I mean, considering how over-used this game concept is, I'm sure there aren't too many places to go, but come on! I mean, I like bugs, but I don't want to play a puzzle game with them.



konkerdoodle said:

Okay, I've been fine with everything that's happened on Wiiware so far. There are bound to be some bad games, and I'm comfortable with that. But this crosses the line for me. I hate stupid clone games, and this is the first clone of a Wiiware game so far. Not a good sign.



Draygone said:

"Since first launching in 2005, Tumblebugs and the recently released sequel Tumblebugs 2, have generated 40+ million downloads."

So, wait... Magnetica Twist isn't an original concept?



Dazza said:

Magnetica Twist isn't original, Zuma is more or less the same thing and is nowadays more widely known,

However it does seem to have been the first game of this type to be invented. Mitchell Corp released it originally under the name of Puzz Loop in the arcades in 1998. This was also known as Ballistic, Action Loop and Magnetica!



DEMON212 said:

@ Objection.

There are VS modes, unless you're on about a different kind of VS.



calculon said:

All I can say is. Nintendo, we need the Virtual Console more now than ever before. 5/6 game releases per fortnight please.



Starwolf_UK said:

As for this game, I'm surprised that so many companies can create Zuma/Magnetic games and no one gets sued.
Simple. Mitchell corperation are Japanese and Popcap etc are American. Japanese companies find it difficult to act against this in American courts due to being unfamiliar with the laws. The reason Popcap pick Japanese games to "elaborate" is due to this. Mitchel corp mentioned it in their interview with Insert Credit:
Mitchell Corp also mentioned they prefered a different battle. The battle in the shelves as opposed to the courts. They are kind of limited in doing this due to being a sort of second party for Nintendo (though they also make cellphone games).

All this said and done I want to know what Tumblebugs does differently and how much it'll cost. So far it looks like no Miis in wheelchairs...

All I can say is. Nintendo, we need the Virtual Console more now than ever before. 5/6 game releases per fortnight please.
Wha? So that we can get Super Mario Bros rip-offs instead?



Bahamut_ZERO said:


Hey, at least we get to look forward to an awsome fall.
Mega Man 9, Mega Man II in NA, Tetris Party, Space Invaders, Kiby Superstar Ultra, Wario Land Shake It, and Animal Crossing.

I'm suprised nobody else relized the casual games comment he made in there. He's the first "higher up" to say that.



Bensei said:

@Bahamut: If you look carefully, you'll see WE realized

IMHO this game is a waste, not only that we have enough puzzlers already, no, we get even a clone of a puzzler already out! Save the clones for the shelves!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I guess "the man" firgured out that puzzle games makes lots of money because:

1.You can take someone else's idea and edit it around a bit and call it "Revolutionary"
2. Puzzles are more casual than other games because they're pick up and play titles
3. They don't cost too much to make, using limited Wii memory/power/etc. as an excuse
4. You sell it for 1000 points.




Objection said:

@Toki, challenge is like a "Quest" mode. Each level ends when you complete the goal. Endless would be it never ends unless you fail. "SUrvival" i guess.



BDPatVCR said:

imo the only way this is a good thing for the gamer if this results in price wars ... if the 2 games are identical then the "only" aspect they can tweak is the price.
come on 100 point games !!! sigh



Wiiloveit said:

Actionloop/Magnetica will keep me happy for now, since I think the controls for this game work perfectly tyvm (with the only flaw being the presentation sytyle).

@Objection_Blaster: Challenge is like an "Endless" mode, with the only difference being that you can skip through it a bit easily sometimes thanks to the aid of the rocket. It's basically quick play without the stops every 10-levels. I think you may have been getting confused with Quest mode. Read Sammy's review if you are unsure.



lockelocke said:

Wow, this was something I didn't predict. Different developers having versions of the same game! Jesus, I hope we don't see more Brick Breaker clones, etc. We need a quality control filter.



Peznaze said:

Price will filter out clones, I think. If it's 1000 points, it'll sell even lower than Magnetica. If it's 500 points, it'll outsell Dr. Mario, provided it's not horribly broken in some way.

Every time they release "more of the same" sorts of things on WiiWare, the latter releases seem to sell worse.



Terra said:

"If it's 500 points, it'll outsell Dr. Mario, provided it's not horribly broken in some way."

Pong Toss is broken and that is currently outselling Dr Mario



Stratos said:

“The key to a successful Wii port is the ability to expand the title to take advantage of the unique Wiimote input system..."
Am I just too cynical of a gamer or does this statement reek of 'insert-waggle-here' syndrome?

I know I won't be getting this because I received a different knock-off, "Luxor", on the DS as a Christmas gift and once you've played one, it seems you've played them all.



Bahamut_ZERO said:


I agree with the waggle thing. You slap on some motion control and call it "revolutionary." Besides, true casuals (which would make a majority of the game's profit) like gimmick games. I know caus' my friend likes Wii Play and Wii Sports more than Galaxy. He's only got 4 stars on it and had it for 6 months! Yet he has Gold medals and pro in everything in the others!

I don't know why I'm firends with him



Ricardo91 said:

Do we really need 2 Zuma rip-offs on one download service? How about a puzzle game that has, oh, I don't know, creativity? Nah, it's just easier to rip off someone else.

@Dazza. Thank you for explaining how Magnetica/ Actionloop Twist is not an original concept.



Stratos said:

@ Bahamut ZERO
I thought Namco said they were planning a version of Pac-Man Versus for WiiWare.
Was really fun on Gamecube and I still try to round people up to play it from time to time.



Objection said:

@TokiToru and Wiiloveitonline
First to Toki: dont be an ass. And second I DO have the game and have probably played it more than you. On my main menu, theres 1 player easy, 2 player easy, 1 player hard, 1 player challende and multiplayer. I think what Wiiloveitonline was referring to was 1 player hard, as the levels arent interrupted(thus it could be the endless/survival mode i was looking for). 1 player challenge is the mission/quest mode where you have to "get rid of 20 reds",etc. Thus, its 1 Player HARD that is endless. So, to TokiTori: "play the game before you make claims, moron."



LAA said:

@ Objection_Blaster

I can tell why you're called Objection_Blaster, well done Pheonix Wright!
Sorry Gameshastra, I wont be getting your game.
I've already got Actionloop Twist, give me a reason why I would want something pretty much the same.
Next time, If you release it earlier then you'd have a chance.
Actually, Its about 4hrs left for you guys now!

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