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In a deep dark lair, in Any Backyard USA, creep the Evil Black Bugs. You, the hero "Tumble," hold the fate of your beetle buddies in your hands. Save the colorful beetles from being enslaved by the Black Bug Empire. Set your buggy brethren free by matching beetles of the same color in groups of three or more. Save them all before they fall into the depths of the Black Bug's lair.

Tumblebugs adds fun and exciting features to the match three puzzle genre. Lob shots over rows with "Ballistic Bugs." On many levels you will have the ability to jump between multiple shooting platforms and take shots from different angles. Tumblebugs is by far the best thing to come out of the action puzzle genre this year.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

When the bugs come tumbling down

Originally released on the PC, the first and second Tumblebugs games were relatively well received. However the series failed to attain the mass popular appeal of similar games such as Zuma and Luxor as well as others. Tumblebugs is not even the first in...

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News: Gameshastra To Bring Tumblebugs To WiiWare

Gameshastra To Bring Tumblebugs To WiiWare

Here's a cheeky little press release about a game called Tumblebugs which is said to be coming to WiiWare later this year. As you will see from the screenshots below this is pretty much a Zuma / Actionloop clone. Happy days eh?

Wildfire and Gameshastra announce deal to deliver Tumblebugs on WiiWare Today Hyderabad and Los Angeles based Gameshastra announces an agreement to create the Wii version..

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Objection said:

ZUMA: BUGS Edition! Or maybe...Magenetica Tumblebugs! Okay, maybe it'll have something to stand out, but I doubt it. MT is good enough for me. (And the controls were fine, too, you naysayers!)



Terra said:

I recently bought Actionloop Twist, so this is almost certainly a pass unless it's something spectacular.



lockelocke said:

Great, just what we need. A clone of a game that's already out on a service that, to date, only has twenty-some games. Hopefully next, we'll get another table tennis game and a few more Arkanoid clones. I'm glad some publishers are keeping it real, releasing original and groundbreaking stuff, because some of these companies are just seeing it as another chance to cash in on the same old sh*t.



Jiisuki said:

Dammit! I though this would be a new version of the EXTREMELY AWSOME game Thumblebugs on the PC. Old school futuristic versus fighting with really cool "space" ships.
Oh what I miss that game..



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I hope this has enough to warrant a purchase over Magnetica. Please. I was so addicted to Zuma years ago. I hope this game may revive that charm that Zuma had but I won't hold my breath either.

Hope it's priced properly, too...



timp29 said:

Haha I believe they're probably waiting for magnetica twist to fade from everyones memories before releasing this one. Its been 'coming soon' for what feels like over a year now (slight exaggeration... I'm not even sure wiiware has been around for a year)



bub710 said:

I have this game on the pc hooked up to my big screen. I use my Wiimote via bluetooth to play it and absolutely love it. I hear what you guys are saying about that twist crap but this game was way before that junk and twist is the cheap clone. next to zuma, this is the best of the type. I wonder how they did on the wii port but if all they did was transfer the game and use the wiimote as a mouse it is a blast to play. i see no reason to buy it only because i already have it, and it rocks. hope it does the pc version justice.

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