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EU VC Releases: Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa and Dig Dug

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Finally breaking the annoying pattern which has been going on the past few months, Nintendo of Europe has not only released WiiWare games today. They've released both Virtual Console AND WiiWare games!

On the Virtual Console you can now pick up two more imports.

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa is a platformer from the brilliant minds at Konami. It stars the baby prince Upa, who must travel through seven crazy worlds to rescue his kingdom from the demon Zai. The game is simple to understand and fun to play (After all, it is a platformer!), but offers a surprisingly challenging difficulty level. While Upa was most likely meant to become a series, Konami never made a sequel. Upa did, however, appear in a few other Konami games as a playable character, including two Parodius games.

Dig Dug should need no introduction. If you don't know what this game is about you shouldn't call yourself a gamer! Nevertheless, you play as Taizo Hori, a digger who has to tunnel through the Earth and eliminate the monsters within. He can do this by dropping boulders on them, or by sticking a pump into them and inflating them until they pop. The game is extremely simple at first, but as it is an arcade game, you can expect the usual stuff - Enemies will begin speeding up in later rounds up to a point where it's nearly impossible to win. The game is a classic, no doubt - But it's been rereleased so many times (Maybe even more than Pac-Man) that this VC release (With an additional 100 points because it's an import, no less) seems a bit unnecessary.

As mentioned above, this is also the first week in Europe since the launch of WiiWare that both new Virtual Console and new WiiWare games are available. On WiiWare you can get Critter Round-Up, a Qix-esque game released elsewhere a few months ago, and MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade, which seems to be a quirky puzzler involving three shapes (Circles, sticks and squares). WiiWare World has the scoop, as usual!

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mattyl149 said:

I was looking forward to downloading Do-Re-Mi this week but as least I know it will be next week now. I don't really feel like downloading Bio Miracle yet



MaxPlastic said:

The MaBoShi looks really interesting...
Bio Miracle was only average platforming for me, but the challenge is definitely there



CrazyOtto said:

We got this exact same week back in in June. Bio Miracle is good, although if you want Dig Dug, get Namco Museum unless you want to play it with the Wiimote.



Objection said:

Wow, 2 Wiiware and 2 VC!? Unforcunate that half are crap and one's a blah looking puzzler, but at least its a new one. Then again, Bio Miracle!!



andy836 said:

the pattern of two virtual console and two wiiware games wont last long so enjoy it while you can lol



Sonic_tails1 said:

I was expecting you to get DoReMi this week but Bio Miracle is also good, figures they save the best game for the final week of the Hanabi Festival.

My opinion of course.



MarkyVigoroth said:

" If you don't know what this game is about you shouldn't call yourself a gamer!"
Hmph. I did not know much about Dig Dug, yet I was (and still am) in my serious gaming career.

sigh Now to wait for Monday again to hope that Mario RPG/Mother 2/Chrono Trigger will come out... At least Upa seems promising for Europe. I doubt that Upa will disappoint.



Abodi said:

Awesome i've been waiting a long time for Upa, hope its as good as they say.



Ark said:

Two VC games and two WiiWare games? Good for Europe. Things are looking brighter and brighter for them recently.

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa is weird but fun.



Corbs said:

While it's not quite as good as DoReMi Fantasy, Bio Miracle is an extremely great platformer for 600 points. The 300 point difference was enough for me to ramp it up to 5 stars. It's a lot of bang for your buck.



WolfLink22 said:

These are good as hold out games but who in there European Mind would get Dig Dug when they have Super Mario RPG?



famicom said:

I'm saving my 800 dudes for DoReMi Fantasy, though these games aren't bad at all.



Rexy said:

Finally, Bio Miracle! I'm so investing on it as soon as I come home from work tonight. I've been waiting for that one since it came out in America, I give you that now.



Yasume said:

Who was expecting that? =D 2 VC games + 2 WiiWare games. NoE is doing it better than NoA IMO.



Danieru_Lynx said:

Week doesn't interest me (although Dig Dug looks kinda' funky from the screenshots) and I only have 100 Wii Points.

The next game on my 'I won't be satisfied 'til I get it' list is Soleil. Americans might know it as Crusader of Centy. Nostalgia rawks, :3



hal said:

enjoy, EU! likd these two alot [--tho, u should get them the same time US did! sry for complaining again lol]



Ian_Daemon said:

People that don't know or have never played Dig Dug have been living under a rock or weren't born before the PS2.



slangman said:

I was expecting this. I'll download Bio Miracle next week when DoReMi arrives. I want to download them together.



Mixer152 said:

Boring wheres Street Fighter Champion Edition and Earthworm jim they promised



Rexy said:

I can't remember a definite promise on Street Fighter, but by "promise" they didn't mean "quick release as soon as possible". They'll get there eventually, and I'm with you - I'm similarly anticipating Earthworm Jim.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Virtual Console games AND WiiWare? So it can be done, great! I´m interested in both games, but will hold on to my money for Y´s and Mega Man 9 right now.



SmaMan said:

Dig-Dug was released in Europe, just not on the NES which is enough for Nintendo to charge 100 more points on it apparently.

Don't get used to this "X-good weeks in a row! OMG!" You'll be back to crap after the hanabi festival is over. Hate to break it to ya...



Adol said:

You know what is so funny about Bio-Miracle for me? When I was a kid, a local video game rental store imported this game (along with a still-unreleased Mario 3) and labeled it as "Mario 4". Even back then, my young brother and I could figure out it wasn't even a Nintendo game, with the Konami pause sound effect and the swirly symbol in one of the levels. Kind of funny.

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