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Four More Virtual Console Games for South Korea

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

There still seems to be no real pattern to South Korea's Virtual Console releases. Upcoming games are added to Nintendo of South Korea's VC page occassionally but the actual release dates aren't really consistent.

That said, on the 25th of June, South Korea got F-Zero and Star Fox 64. Next week, on the 15th of July, Koreans can look forward to Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2, which they previously, strangely, skipped to release SMB3 first) and Galaga. The upcoming games list on the site also lists Xevious without a firm release date.

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neuzd said:

The fact that South Korea is the #1 country for professional PC gaming, it looks really strange that they're still missing these unvaluable pieces of videogaming history.
I cheer for Korea, too. Maybe they're a young country (videogaming related) but they did catch up with the rest of the world quite fast....



Draygone said:

Maybe they're getting Mario 2 after Mario 3 because it originally wasn't Mario 2 in Japan, and they got this version after Mario 3 even in 1980s Japan.



Rexy said:

Well, that's the confirmation on what version of Mario 2 the Koreans are getting. I wonder how long it'll take before they get what we call The Lost Levels...?



Virus said:

Darn, I saw the USA in Super Mario USA and "four more virtual console games" and got excited. I have to read these things more carefully. Well, good for them.



Rexy said:

P[eople say SK isn't good for VC, but all their games are good and we mostly have... fluff.

Yes, but let's not forget that they're getting VC games that we generally have already. The day when we should really be envious over the Korean gamers should be the day when they get a batch of great gamesthat we don't have yet. For now, they're off to a good start.



Storm101 said:

Korea never even got these games at first did they? This is a pretty neat way for them to catch up.



SmaMan said:

I wonder if StarFox 64 is completely translated over there...complete with Korean voice acting...



Stratos said:

@SmaMan I bet it is just an import title with the language of the text changed, maybe not even that.
When Koreans first got StarCraft it was all still in English, even the manual.



Ricardo91 said:

^ I wonder what Slippy Toad sounds like in Korean .

I remember when we used to get games like them. ahhh, those were the days...

btw since when did we take notice of/ care about Korea's release scedule, anyway?



WarioFan63 said:

The day when we should really be envious over the Korean gamers should be the day when they get a batch of great gamesthat we don't have yet.

Antarctic Adventure has got to count for something though, right? RIGHT? ALMOST?



SmaMan said:

I think the real question here is do they really WANT Wii Ware? It's been mostly a crap-fest so far. But seeing how South Korea's been only getting the really good ones so far, maybe they'll get the really good Wii Ware games as well. Like pOp, FFCC, Dr. Mario, Toki Tori...hmm is it bad that I can only think of 4 good ones?



Rexy said:

Antarctic Adventure is a start, yes. But I said a batch, not a singular title.



Bristol_Red said:

Aren't some people getting a little carried away with Antarctic Adventure??? Surely the novelty factor of racing a penguin down an ice track would wear off really quickly....and become a (very) poor man's Mario Kart.

I agree though, a very impressive line up on South Korea's VC.



Rexy said:

So? Antarctic Adventure predates Super Mario Kart by 9 years, so no one can say an older game is a poor man's variant on a newer one. I do however agree on that it didn't age very well, though I'm sure that given the pushing of Pentarou among later Konami titles it's seen as one of those more defining moments for the MSX at least.



Bristol_Red said:

Fair point. Equally, though, just because a game is old doesn't mean it was good. Come on, even in 1983 Antarctic Adventure must have become monotonous before long.

What about comparing it to a poor man's Out Run? (Both mid-80s!)



Rexy said:

Close, but my nit-picking sense showed that Out Run was 1986.



michinmuri said:

Wow, if I were still stationed in Korea I'd be having some good games to play. Rock on!



AlexSays said:

Can't wait to see the uproar when South Korea gets a great game nobody else has.



Objection said:

Knowing how much Ninty seems to hate us/justnotgiveadamnanymore, the next Korea update will have Earthbound, Yoshi's Island, SMRPG, 4 N64 games, a monkey and cake. But the cake will be a lie. it always is.

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