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EU WiiWare Update: Block Breaker Deluxe and Cocoto Fishing Master

Posted by Damien McFerran

You’ll have to forgive us but there’s a tangible feeling of déjà vu in the air here at WiiWare World, because this week’s releases happen to be the exact same ones North America was graced only a few short days ago.

That’s right – European Wii owners can indulge in some fantasy-fishing with Cocoto Fishing Master or bust some blocks with Block Breaker Deluxe. Or both!

Cocoto Fishing Master certainly looks the part with some lovely cartoon visuals but ultimately the game is too lightweight to be considered anything more than average. If you nevertheless feel the urge to download this, it’s 700 Wii points. Check out our Cocoto Fishing Master review and make up your own mind.

Block Breaker Deluxe is undoubtedly the pick of the duo, offering a nice update on the classic Breakout/Arkanoid gameplay. It’s a little rough around the edges but is still worthy of your attention. It will set you back 800 Wii points. Don't forget to read our Block Breaker Deluxe review to decide if this is the game for you.

Sadly there’s no Virtual Console releases again this week. Boo.

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Ben__Harlan said:

OH no. I wanted Pop and Defend Yor Castle. They should at least bring more WiiWare titles at once if we have to wait two weeks for each launch.



Peznaze said:

Well, score one for worldwide simultaneous launching... Unless you're looking for Pop or Defend Your Castle... But then, they weren't going to be close, anyway.

And yes, EU's schedule goes VC one week, WiiWare the next.



PALgamer said:

This is 2 WW less than I was expecting. They need to start picking up, because they lagging behind 7 games.

@Peznaza: It's not simultaneous releases, it would have been if My Pokemon Ranch was also released! Remember, like you say, it's a two week window, and the releases in those two week from the US should be released here also to be simultaneous.



calculon said:

Thanks Nintendo. I always love waiting for this sort of garbage to arrive.

Well, you've met my expectations -you've done it twice in a row! No money from me in a whole month! Even the VC struggles to keep me that dis-interested.

I can just see the strap line for WiiWare ads "All the crappiness of XBLA, all the wait of Nintendo"



BDPatVCR said:

I've said it once and I'll say it again ...



Peznaze said:

Unless, of course, there are other rules... NoA has a one title per publisher per month rule, which, if NoE uses the same, would mean that Actionloop pushed Pokemon to July. I still think the reason NA got Dr. Mario when it did was because it came out the week before in EU and they try their best to do as many simultaneous launches as they can.

The trickle theory they seem to be using for WiiWare is highly annoying, but somewhat understandable. They want all WiiWare, regardless of quality, to get an equal share of the spotlight... were they to use more than a 1 watt bulb for said spotlight, however...



TomMc said:

WTF! Why are we getting 2 every 15 days when america has over 15 wii-ware titles already! I have given up! In 2 weeks i will be playing Brawl anyway!



Bass_X0 said:

What you going to do with your spare time Damien (or whoever), now that there are no reviews to write up for this week?



Ben__Harlan said:

@Bass X0 Surely he will wait until next Tuesday form new USA WW Games and review it. Also there will come some news.



Damo said:

Bass - I'll be filling my time by sending several hundred emails to Nintendo's customer service department demanding that they release a USB hard drive.



Junichi said:

I could hardly withhold my excitement when I accesed the Wii Shop Channel and saw the phrases "Fishing Master" and "Block Breaker Deluxe". I'm just glad "Cocoto Watch Paint Drying Master Deluxe" wasn't there was well. If it was then the excitement could... well... cause me to make a bit of a mess (which would put me in a bit of a sticky situation)... if you know what I mean. Thankfully the game was postponed meaning the excitement didn't lead me to a climax of any sort (came pretty damn close though).



PALgamer said:

@Peznaze: Forgot about the one title per publisher, but that kinda makes it worse, since publishers only have two chances to sell said title during a month, having a whole bunch out then. Ohhh, I see it now, they are releasing so few, so every developer has their time to shine, HA! Thanks Peznaza. So that is why after 1 month since the launch of WW they have only added 3 games to the service. The 100 developing WW titles are going to last them years



Starwolf_UK said:

Bass - I'll be filling my time by sending several hundred emails to Nintendo's customer service department demanding that they release a USB hard drive
Remember to send it to the Germans (in somethnig which resembles German) if you actually want a reply*. For the last 12 months anything i've sent to Codestorm has never been replied to.

*-Though if your German is too bad they'll tell you to contact Codestorm...

Anyway, looks like I won't be getting Pop till August (off on Holiday for much of July). And prediction in Advance. July 4th is My Pokemon Ranch.

The 100 developing WW titles are going to last them years
Well at leat 90% of those need to be finished first. And also Nintendo do need a stockpile of WiiWare titles so if no new games are ready to go for a set amount of time it won't matter (NOE are aiming for a constant stream not deluges*)

*-A deluge of titles means you're spoilt for choice and don't buy much but a stream means you buy more...thats the theory anyway.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Lol, Damo. You do that, bud! Go to it!
Well, at least I'm no jealous of European Releases this week.

The only time I was when you guys got Magnetica and I REALLY want to get that game.. All we got was MPR and while that's a big thing for many, because I'm not a PKMN fan by any means, it was a tad disappointing that week, especially with only one WiiWare game but I shouldn't complain.



Objection said:

It shall always be VC-Europe...Wiiware-US. At least you got the same Wiiware as us!! Just not the ones you wanted, and only average games.



Bensei said:

You shouldn't judge WW releases like VC releases, but like Game releases. Look at June for Wii Games: Hardly games in whole June, but what's that?!? A massive army of Mega-Titles approaching on 27th July!

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