Epic Fail

Yes, it's the same situation as two weeks ago: While there are (two) WiiWare games, there is not a single new Virtual Console game. One has to wonder what Nintendo of Europe is thinking with a strategy like this, surely they're not thinking of alternating VC and WiiWare weeks? With all the OFLC/PEGI/USK rated VC games just sitting there waiting for release, this doesn't sound like a very smart strategy, if you ask us.

On top of that, the WiiWare games are the same ones the US got this week: Block Breaker Deluxe and Cocoto Fishing Master. Neither of them are extremely good, but the point is that the US at least got a VC game with them (It was one we already had at the time, but still!). You can check out info on the WiiWare games at WiiWare World. Better luck next week!