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Another OFLC Update - Turbografx Imports Galore!

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The Turbografx is getting lots of imports - Recently, the OFLC rated Break In and Final Soldier, both of them imports for the system never released outside Japan. Those two haven't even been released yet, but Hudson already submitted four more games to the OFLC, and all of them are, once again, both imports and Turbografx titles.

The strangest pick of the bunch is most definitely Cho Aniki. The Cho Aniki series has received a metric ton of ridicule from Western gamers over the years, for having a pair of half-naked bodybuilders called Samson and Adon as its main characters (Although in this first game, they're only helpers). If you can look past the extremely strange graphics though, you'll actually find some pretty good games. Their soundtracks are also quite good - There's even a popular rumour that the games' soundtracks sold more than the actual games.

The second new import is also quite worth mentioning. Star Parodier is Hudson's answer to Konami's Parodius - The latter was a parody of Konami's own Gradius starring bizarre situations and hilariously remixed classical music. Star Parodier is a parody of Hudson's own Star Soldier, not only featuring the Star Soldier ship, but also Bomberman and a giant PC Engine as playable characters! Just like Parodius, the graphics and music are far more wacky than its normal counterpart.

The third newly rated game is also interesting. Konami shoot 'em up fans will be pleased to hear that Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou is finally being released in Western territories. It actually was featured in a few collections on more recent systems, but this'll be the first time the original stand-alone game will be released here. Note that this is a different game from "Gradius 2" (Regular number instead of Roman numeral), which was only released on the MSX aside from being in some collections.

The fourth import isn't nearly as noteworthy as the other three. Digital Champ: Battle Boxing can be seen as a Turbografx version of Super Punch-Out!!, although it's not nearly as wacky or fun to play. This might be one to avoid.

Aside from the four imports, another game was OFLC rated, but we already knew about it a few weeks ago - Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom was USK rated, but later removed, presumably because the USK realized it was a VC game (They don't list VC ratings on their site). But still, the OFLC has now reconfirmed that it is indeed heading our way. It's date of rating is listed as being in March, but it was not on the OFLC prior to Friday, so they must've forgotten to add it.

Hudson really seems to love imports! What would you like to see them bring over next?

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Drake said:

Me neither, Nintendo of America rejected Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland on the DS, so this most likely won't make it



slangman said:

Import titles FTW glad Hudson decided to bring Gradius II to the VC.

I wonder when the next Hanabi Festival is? with the amount of titles announced it now seems very likely. Maybe another SNES game like Super Mario RPG would show up pehaps?



blackknight77 said:

I think I will sleep just fine at night if Cho Aniki does not come to the US. It really does not fit with other VC and Nintendo titles.

But bring on Gradius 2 and Star Parodier they both look really cool.
I like the giant bomberman walking around in the video



Lugia2 said:

I heard that most of the great games on the PC-Engine- like Dracula X- were never brought over here. Look like that's true, especially with some fun shooters.

I'm just shocked that Cho Aniki is leaving Japan. I thought that had no international appeal AT ALL. Wow, just wow.



Rapadash6 said:

Meh, I'll be more excited when I hear confirmation of Dracula X coming to the west.



arobo21 said:

these space shooters are getting very very old. i know they're fun, but after the 10th or so game of the same type released....idk
lets see some GOOD n64 games. havent seen any since...Paper Mario?

sample list right off the top of my head:
Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooe/Tooie, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, Pokemon Stadium, Tony Hawk 2, excite bike 64, resident evil 2/3, wcw revenge, blast corps, mario tennis, mario golf, harvest moon......OMG get the hint?!?!



WarioFan63 said:

Hahaha, Cho Aniki? Thats amazing! Id totally buy for the silly factor alone.

And by the looks of it, these probably wont have a chance to come out until May?

Here's hoping these get ESRB'd!



Bensei said:

I can't hear it anyomore, I want to see them in the shop and not only rated by Aussies



Mirokunite said:

I really hope Cho Aniki comes state side. Its a great novelty game, and conversation piece.



Adamant said:

"I'm just shocked that Cho Aniki is leaving Japan. I thought that had no international appeal AT ALL. Wow, just wow."

Why not? If Parodius sells outside of Japan, why won't this? Remember, the game is just a very bizarre shooter, not a gay porn game or anything.



Charco said:

It's great to see yet more import games appearing on the VC, its especially reassuring that they are coming from both Konami and Hudson Soft.



firebrand said:

Any idea how much these imports are going to cost? I know Hudson isn't in the habit of charging extra for imports.



Drake said:

No clue, firebrand. Battle Lode Runner is technically an import game, but isn't labelled as such, nor does it cost more. We'll just have to wait until the next TG import comes.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Cult classics like Cho Aniki is one of the main reasons I´m excited about VC! I don´t care about the Zelda and Sonic games, they are quite easy to find anyway. But strange and even rare Japan imports is another deal! I´d be very happy if these games ever made it to EU. I have a Famicom cart of Gradius II, but it don´t work... Even if Turbo´s Gradius II is another game, it looks splendid.



Link79 said:

Wow, the VC just keeps getting better and better! I'm starting to like this old stuff more than my actual Wii games. So many games I've never played and I thought I'd seen it all. I can hardly wait!



Tim said:

Samson and Adon are wearing grown up diapers accompanied by a blue and pink tie respectively with a hat each circa 1930s.

I'm speechless.



Dazza said:

@Zweck - Life Force originally started out life as Salamander which was a spin off to the Gradius series



RoninDennis said:

Hmmmm... If William Burroughs' "Naked Lunch" would ever be made into a videogame, Cho Aniki would be it!

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