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New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?

Posted by Damien McFerran

This could be a fake, but we'll leave you to decide!

It seems that the son of a Hudsonsoft employee recently stumbled upon a disc containing an updated edition of Duck Hunt for the Wii, and then made a video of someone playing it.

Our first question would be why did someone at Hudsonsoft have the disc when you would assume this to be a first-party Nintendo game, and secondly, this would surely be a WiiWare release and not a disc-based Wii game.

Hardcore VC fans will remember that the original NES Duck Hunt was ESRB rated a while back, but has now been removed from the ESRB site. Could the delay be due to Nintendo wanting to launch at the same time as this updated game? (As with Super Metroid and Metroid Corruption)

With the Zapper currently doing the rounds at retail a new Duck Hunt title would make perfect sense, don't you think?

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Kelvin said:

Weird. None of this rumour makes sense.

In theory, a VC game could be run off disc, as it's just a storage method, especially if there's some kind of VC launch program on the disc that circumvents the normal way of doing things.

Perhaps games that they're currently working on "converting" to VC are put out on disc for testing purposes, and that's what this is.

I haven't seen the video, but is he using the Wiimote as a pointer? That would explain the disc, as I don't think the VC supports that function as standard.


Perhaps they've created a patch that does allow pointer functionality, and that's on the disc along with the Duck Hunt ROM. Again, they might be testing the pointer code before releasing it as a system/shop update.



Dazza said:

It makes perfect sense for Nintendo to release a "new Duck Hunt" game as a budget disc release - or maybe even Wii Ware now that the Zapper is out.

I have to say this did look poor though! It is likely that Nintendo have farmed the development of this game to a third party like Hudson.

Maybe this explains why the VC release of Duck Hunt has been held back. It would be a good combo to release this at the same time as a "new Duck Hunt" game.



Makawee said:

It looked cool at first, the title screen was great. The game itself looks really bad, I'd rather playthe original DH than this... this version looks so boring...



KickballFan said:

Looks very much like the graphics were upscaled from NES type graphics using a 2D algorithm. It could be possible that the rest is a simple ROM hack, but also possible that it was 'hacked' by someone in the industry as a showcase for the Wii controller.



AlphaNerd01 said:

First, let's hope that's an early beta. It's the exact same game! Nothing is "new" about it besides the improved graphics. Nintendo knows "Duck Hunt" has reached a "SMB" level of not only do retro gamers want to play it again, but everyone from frat boys to cutsie cheerleaders (i.e. not the usual gamer) want to play it again. (New SMB, New Duck Hunt. It makes sense.)

Secondly, it would make more sense to make this a budget disc release AND a Wii Ware download. That way, the people online with their Wii can download it, and the (numerous amount of) people who couldn't connect their own computer to the Internet, not to mention a Wii, can enjoy this one too.

PS - If you doubt that people with a Wii can't get it online, work at/hang out a video game store for a few days. Then you'll realize that not only do people give up on getting their Wii online, but some people don't even know the Wii CAN go online.



KeeperBvK said:

@ D-Roc:'s already in the news at the top of this page.
It's pretty weird, but I'm actually really having a dejà-vu at the moment. ^^



Steve said:

Offhand I'd say this looks to be somebody's amateur attempt at reproducing Duck Hunt in 3D. I know they haven't figured out how to run user code on the Wii yet, but they've done so with the GC, and the Wii supports GC play -- and who says somebody's not controlling the game with a GC controller off-camera?

Still, I would rule out the possibility of an in-development game entirely -- just because it looks crappy now doesn't mean it will be that way at release. Any body who's ever done QA before will tell you without hesistation that literally EVERY game ever released suck horribly at one point during development.

My gut instinct tells me this is just a hoax, though.



Viral said:

In my honest opinion, I think this is just not as good as the original. The original had the awesome 8-bit graphics, yes, awesome. I'm all about 8-bit and 16-bit graphics...

__Game Tutorials


Game Tutorials said:

Just because they show the Wii and the Wiimote doesn't mean it is being played off the Wii. The score bar at the bottom looks like a poorly made photoshopped graphic (emboss anyone). The fact that we never see any Wii functions (Home menu, the guy putting the disc in, etc.) really demonstrates how fake this is. I could make a poorly made copy of Duck Hunt off my PC, and link the Wiimotes with bluetooth (which is probably what this guy did). There are obvious amateur programming glitches in the game (such as delayed sounds, obvious duct movements [straight lines and suddenly sharp turning], and just overall crappy graphics). Anyone in the gaming industry can make something better than that piece of crap.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I would have to say fake; but if i'm wrong, then oh well. The dog in this "demo" is kinda creepy!



john said:

This could easily be faked. They barely show the wiimote and could have their friend sit off screen with a computer and mouse. They should have shown the game start up from the wii menu.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I'm not sure if it is an official game or not but someone is definitely playing some kind of Duck Hunt game. Right now though, it looks pretty terrible. I'd rather just have the original but it will probably get better with time.........if it's real.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

This one looks fake to me (or else it's a really basic, simple tech demo, hence why it got passed out to a Hudson employee), but that's not to say there won't be a Duck Hunt game on the horizon.



Bensei said:

I wouldn't buy the new Version if it's more than 800 Points, and I wouldn't buy a disc for more if they don't include much more content than Wii Sports has.



Indecipherable said:

Let’s break this down.
If this is true we have a child who has gotten his father fired from Hudson.
If there is no kid behind the scenes playing this flash game with a mouse then what I observe is the PC wiiMote infared hack. He’s using the wiimote as a cursor to play a flash game via tv out on his graphics card.

__retro master


retro master said:

Looks stupid. my friends i bear bad tidings. Brawl has been pushed back yet again in both Japan and the USA



Jack said:

Likely fake. That "New" is from the New Super Mario Bros. logo.



Kelvin said:

Having seen the video, I think I'm calling "hoax". There's some weird lag going on, and it doesn't look like his Wii is even on (although the sensor bar is).



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I have an unrelated Question i'm just really curious to know. What's this week's new games for Japan's VC? I'm asking this because i still see some "January Japan VC Games" still saying "Coming to Japan." I just can't wait to see what to expect very soon for America and Europe!



ManBurning said:

It's totally a fake, the graphics look all blockly like they are from the N64.

If you ask me, the guy being shown with the wiimote isn't even really moving his hands or "getting into it" he just holds the remote still, probably didn't even know he was being filmed haha!

And furthermore, whoever IS playing is REALLLY BAD!



Bryan said:

Nintendo has already released Duck Hunt three times. Two are minigames within WarioWare and WiiPlay, and the third is Link's Crossbow Training. The WiiPlay version is VERY close to the original with the tin can levels and such, and you can even pop off a duck. No way will they release a stand-alone Duck Hunt. Think about it without your nostalgia cap on - it'll get boring fast, like the original.



thatweirdguyoverthere said:

Of course the original got boring fast, basically, there were three areas of the screen to shoot at, as long as you shot the one with the duck in it, you got the hit. This new one should be a little more challenging... if it's real.



gamepopper said:

That's fake, even by looking at the title design it's fake. You can see it's a modified version of the New Super Mario Bros title.



McPoo said:

This is rediculously fake, and kinda sad that people could even consider it being real a possibility. Nintendo was working on a Duck Hunt for Wii to show off its capabilities at Gaming shows; and this later became the target shooting game on WiiPlay.
Also, "I found this on my Dad's desk + he works for Hudson lol" is the single dumbest lie to ever pop up on Youtube (saying a lot).



Nathan said:

Yeah, fake. The 'new' graphic comes straight from 'New Super Mario Bros.'



Damo said:

donx998 - '(No Longer) ESRB Rated' means that the ESRB rated the game at one point, which led to us adding it to the 'coming soon' list as it's a pretty solid indication that the game is Wii-bound, but now it has been removed from the ESRB's site.

Basically it means it's in limbo. They've gone to the trouble of giving the game a modern rating but have removed it from their listing for whatever reason.

We don't remove games that are no longer rated from the coming soon list as there's a chance they may appear again.



Storyteller said:

When I first saw this it reminded me of a story I saw some time ago about Nintendo releasing an updated version of the original Dr. Mario on their new WiiWare service when it premiers. Maybe that is why this title screams WiiWare release to me but whether or not it is a fake, in my opinion it's not a bad idea. Duck Hunt may be guilty of riding the coattails of Super Mario Bros. to fame but there is no disputing now that the game is a true classic. A true classic that hasn't seen a sequel or update in two decades. It seems to me it would be an easy task to update Duck Hunt for WiiWare and still hold true to the original flavor of what did make the game a classic. I personally hope it does happen and I would go so far as to say I also hope it doesn't stop there. There would be plenty of old games that would be prime candidates for a WiiWare extreme makeover and while we're on the subject I have another classic second-banana meant-to-cash-in-on-the-use-of-a-new-gaming-peripheral game that I believe is one of those prime candidates I was talking about. Mario Paint. Just think about all the cool things in that game and what they could do with it. Just think about it.



Tempest said:

If it's genuine, I hope there's a lot more to it than that else I'll lose interest in it fairly quickly really... at least the Zelda Wii Zapper game had some variety and challenge in the modes available, and that was bundled with the Wii Zapper as well...



uncle_smuck said:

Who gives a crap! If this is real then Nintendo needs a slap around the chops!!. Using the same idea as a game that is 23years old needs serrious slapping....or other midly degrading light physical assault. Anyway it should be a full 3D duck hunt with snipers and all. Nice I Want some wii ware!!!



Nintendork said:

Now that we look back on this event, I can't believe we were dumb enough to actually think this would happen.

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