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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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KickballFan commented on New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?:

Looks very much like the graphics were upscaled from NES type graphics using a 2D algorithm. It could be possible that the rest is a simple ROM hack, but also possible that it was 'hacked' by someone in the industry as a showcase for the Wii controller.



KickballFan commented on Chew Man Fu:

As single player game, this game is a good challenge, almost too much so at times. Requires thinking and planning on-the-spot. 3/5

The game makes much more sense as a coop two-player game. It is much easier, and a lot of fun coordinating with your friend. Level design seems to require two people at times, making the single player game that much more challenging. 4/5

The best part, surprisingly, is kickball. If you've already downloaded this game, you owe it to yourself to invite over a friend of comparable skill and play kickball until you develop carpal tunnel. Easily worth the price itself
for this game. 5/5

Review for Kickball:
The graphics, sound, and controls are bad. It is a add-on mini game. The game is as simple as it gets, only slightly more complecated than pong. It should be terrible. Instead, it is pure stupid fun. The graphics and sound get out of the way when you're playing the game, and the bad controls actually help the gameplay in that the better moves are harder to pull off. Cheap goals and skilled shots are both plentiful and great to pull off against your friends. There is also a surprising amount of strategy that can be applied
to this game due to the ball physics.

I'm considering getting Wii Play now. If it has at least two games as good as
kickball, the price is worth it.