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September is Hanabi Festival in Europe

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nintendo of Europe has announced their VC plans for the rest of the month, and they've got quite a treat: They're releasing 4 more games that weren't released in Europe before in what they call the "Hanabi Festival" - The Hanabi Festival is a Japanese fireworks show which starts in mid-September and ends at the end of September.

The update of September 21st will be "Ninja Week", with Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Jajamaru-kun for NES. Note that Ninja Gaiden was released in Europe before as "Shadow Warriors", presumably they're just releasing it unedited now.

The week of September 28th is the big one though - In "Sci-Fi Week", Europe will get Sin & Punishment for N64 and Gradius III for SNES.

That's quite a lineup there - Do you have enough Wii Points to buy everything you want?

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Damo said:

Great news indeed - we may see other Japanese exclusives over here in the future!



mwa said:

Wheres Farming week?
They cant starve us pal gamers of Harvestmoon64 forever can they?



hokuto_no_rob said:

It's good news, sure. But I'm assuming these games will come at a premium point cost like Mario 2 and Picross?



peda said:

yeeah, sin & punishment!!! and for how long are those games available on the VC? does nintendo remove them end of october? are they also more expensive like smb2j and picross? hopefully not! so enjoy your hanabi!!!



Drake said:

All the games in the Hanabi Festival will stay forever, except for Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), which, as NoE puts it, is a "collectors' item" and won't return after this month (At least for a while, I guess).



Paulymate said:

Its worth noting that all these games (well if Picross and Lost Levels are anything to go by) will be full screen and tun at 60Hz, as they never got put through the magical PAL screencrusher/slowdown machine



Starwolf_UK said:

If one has enough Wii points or not depends on if these come with a 100 points premium for being untranslated...

Interesting news all the same.



whiteshadow said:

Does anyone know if the expansion kit for F-Zero X will come out on VC, now that we can get Japan only games.
Having a course editor for F-Zero X inside your Wii would be so amazing, and the games lifespan would boost incredibly .
Do Nintendo have any plans to release it.



PokeParadox said:

There's really no excuse for them not to... I also wonder if that when they inevitably release Sonic & Knuckles on VC if it will automatically give you the lock-on variants... or will they charge extra for the downloads.

I definitely think that untranslated these games should cost LESS... the price inflation could be slightly merited if any effort was done to translate the games...



jackaroo said:

Well ive never played Sin and Punishment, Gradius III or that ninja jajamaru kun but they all sound cool. I hope they arent limited offer. My parents say i cant buy anymore VC games till christmas lol.



link64 said:

"All the games in the Hanabi Festival will stay forever, except for Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), which, as NoE puts it, is a "collectors' item" and won't return after this month (At least for a while, I guess)."

How can a downloadable game be a collectors item.



mamac said:

i have ninja gaiden on the master system will it be the same game for the mega drive



Drake said:

Japan's getting Sin & Punishment first, on September 25th. It isn't confirmed for NA yet.



alvieao said:

I can't believe that Nintendo will release SMB2: The Lost Levels for a limited time. At European players will have a chance to experience Japan-only games.



mummydaddy said:

relax PEDA, according to NOE website, only SMB lost levels will be "limited edition", but it wouldn't surprise me if there is a price hike (just when I thought the big N was being fair with their pricing). I also noticed a sudden distinct lack of updates in the older VC games compared to earlier in the VCs life.



RoninDennis said:

Konami, do the right thing, put Ganbare Goemon 64 up there on Ninja Week. Hashaaaaaaaaaaaa!

__UK is the bst country on th face of the earth


UK is the bst country on th face of the earth said:

Yes! So, all in all, a good month for Europe, then. I love this country so much, and NOE are good to us. At elast, they'r starting to be. Sin and punishmaent looks greta, played it back in the day, and awesome. My 3rd fav N64 game.



SKTTR said:

These Hanabi weeks are a very welcomed thing we Europeans greatly appreciate.
Thankyou Nintendo for offering games that many of us wanted but never were released in Europe back in the day.
Sin & Punishment is one of the games I always wanted.

I downloaded Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Mario's Super Picross. Great games! Full screen, 60hz! And in their original form. Why not?
Japanese screentext is a bit odd in Mario's Super Picross but it's easy enough to understand everything anway. If not take a look in the english manual.

But if there are Japanese RPG's heading to us, I would wish a proper English translation, at least.



Drake said:

@ mummydaddy:

Well, earlier updates were only to add Wii Component Cable support. Every game released after those updates already had the support when they were added to VC. The TurboGrafx updates were because the games were released in Australia after a long wait (We have no idea what those updates did though).



Well to be honoust havin' 60Hz Games i way better than the slower 50Hz games

if only they would update all other games to 60Hz -_-
then i would shut up about ninty the rest of this generation

But please give us EARTHBOUND !!!!!

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