September is Hanabi Festival in Europe

Nintendo of Europe has announced their VC plans for the rest of the month, and they've got quite a treat: They're releasing 4 more games that weren't released in Europe before in what they call the "Hanabi Festival" - The Hanabi Festival is a Japanese fireworks show which starts in mid-September and ends at the end of September.

The update of September 21st will be "Ninja Week", with Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Jajamaru-kun for NES. Note that Ninja Gaiden was released in Europe before as "Shadow Warriors", presumably they're just releasing it unedited now.

The week of September 28th is the big one though - In "Sci-Fi Week", Europe will get Sin & Punishment for N64 and Gradius III for SNES.

That's quite a lineup there - Do you have enough Wii Points to buy everything you want?