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Tue 17th Feb 2009

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Carlos27 commented on BIT.TRIP RUNNER Gameplay Trailer:

From 1.04 the background become too load and confusing... you cant differentiate the obstacles from the enemies, from the background animations. That is my only complain



Carlos27 commented on Review: Art of Balance (WiiWare):

A couple of questions...

I want to know if there are complex levels with more than 5 or 10 or 20 pieces to stack up... or there are all the same. How much replay value this have?



Carlos27 commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

ok, i already have more than 2:00hrs with the game & a week of playing it everyday.

This game is really pleasant surprise.
1.- It is a relaxing game, the type of relaxing u get from doing simple tasks (painting a wall, cutting grass, etc)
2.- every character have their unique personality, and their comments and talking let you see that, as well as their faces when you are cutting their foliage. Every day you get to know them a little bit more.
3.- The graphic style is really well integrated, the menus and everything is very polished, and the sounds are funny...

There is a Challenge part of the game:
1.- You are scored by how well you cut a style; 0 to 5 stars.
Some styles are almost IMPOSSIBLE to get 5 stars, it is not only cutting, some of them need a painting pattern. (i don't think the time u spend cutting their foliage haves something to do with the score they give u)

2.- You have unlockables
Medals: The games tells you what you have to do in order to obtain them. There are some really easy (cut your first 5 start style) to the almost impossible 5 star day (every cut of the day has to be perfect) (it is almost impossible if you didn't take the opportunity to obtain it the first day when cuts are not difficult)

there are photo prizes: The game did not tell u what you need to do in order to get them. You will unlocking this by photographing strange occurrences in the game (which happens well.. everyday)

Postals: These will be send to u when a customer returns from holiday, there are 12.

Gifts: These will be giving to you when u please a customer with a great cut. (there is a Little surprise here too.)

Foliage Styles: More than 30 (i have not unlocked all the styles yet)

3.- The "Test" Bonsai.
The 1 day u will have a practice plant, to , well, practice every style u have unlocked. The thing is that you are being timed, and when you finished, your time & score (stars) will be showed. This is like a TimeTrial, where you can see how fast and well do a specific cut and you can compare them with others. Its too bad you can not submit this to an online scoreboards

And finally the hook of the game... you can only have up to 5 customers per day... but that is not the only thing that uses the Wii Clock, every day you will have some strange thing happening... some surprise.. a little surprise, nothing too fancy, but that is what makes you coming.

Other thing is that you can interact with those "surprises" and the characters make comments that make sense with those events.

One example which i don't thing is a big spoiler.

Maizy one of ur customers have a bird as a pet... if you make an appointment with her... well the bird will be flying around the shop not only when you are attending her, but with every customer you are attending.
If you make the bird Sing... (there is a way of making it sing) and you made an appointment with the Banana Spy, these customer will tell you that stop the bird from singing because it will blow up his cover (he is a spy)

those little details make the game fell alive.

OH! and there is the multiplayer which is interesting too.

Everybody expected some blood and shooting from Mr Hollis, as everybody expect only Mario and Zelda Games from Miyamoto...
but as Hollis said to an interview that i saw in the Nintendo Channel about BB.. there is 99% of unexplored territory of what a game can be about. And im glad that genius cant be bottled in what we expect from them (yes i enjoy Wii Music too ;P )



Carlos27 commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

Is a nice game that exploits the human nature of curiosity.. you are curious of what is going to happen in your tomorrow appointments..
that and the relaxing nature of simple tasks (painting, cutting grass, wash a car)



Carlos27 commented on Review: We Ski & Snowboard (Wii):

mm i have put more than 6hr to this game and i still enjoy it.
The mountains (each) are bigger than the one in We Ski, and are really fun. The graphics are really improved.

There is more than the unlockables, you have different challenges, race, slalom, half pipe and collecting objects.. there is also some "hide and seek" games, when you have to find people based on a hint.. and so on.

I really don't understand why something that doesn't have a precise objective to the whole game is not deep. The objective is to have fun with your toys (snowboard and Skis) and a big, beautiful, and exciting playground (two mountains) .. the challenges, the unlockables, and some other cool stuff like achievements that you made through the game (like jumping over a cliff, finding a strange girl, finding a secret place) are just extras.

Other thing that the review doesn't mention is that.. while is true that in multiplayer everyone can wander at their pleasure, when you enter a challenge, you enter with your partner and thats where the competition begins. Think the big mountains like a fun overworld of the mario games, to enter the multiplayer games.

For me is a 9/10 if you enjoy.. the pleasure of be creative and found joy in riding through the wilderness of the mountains alone, or doing crazy tricks, or just.. hanging around.. you know.. like real ski and snowboard

Wii Folder have a good tour...