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  • News Flowerworks Coming to PAL Land

    WiiWare floral fireworks game getting extra features for European/Australiasian release

    The folks at Nocturnal have just let us know that their WiiWare debut, Flowerworks is coming to PAL territories with a new subtitle: Follie's Adventure. Flowerworks was something of a pleasant surprise when it was released last December in North America, so we're glad to see people in Europe and the developer's..



  • News Flowerworks "Coming Soon" To WiiWare

    Flowers, explosions and gnomes, oh my!

    Aussie developers Nocturnal Entertainment have announced that their WiiWare title Flowerworks is just about ready to drop after 18 month in development. No date or window was given for the release, but we've got a whole slew of new screens for you to check out. Flowerworks is an adventure that puts you in the role of a confused alien with no self-confidence on..