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In Flowerworks, the player takes the role of Follie – a friendly (but confused!) alien who crash lands on the mysterious planet Elilia, whilst transporting a cargo of Flowerworks seeds to her Aunty.

As Follie ventures away from the wreckage of her ship, she finds the planet to be unacceptably lacklustre and her self-confidence is shattered! She must explore the planet, rebuild her confidence, and unravel the mysteries of Elilia. By recovering her seeds and growing Flowerworks, she can transform the planet from drab to fab!

You can view a tutorial on the game here:

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USA USA Version

Posted by Sean Aaron

Gardening and fireworks combine in an orgy of floral destruction!

Normally, flower gardens and fireworks don't mix - unless you're trying to destroy the neighbour's petunia beds with roman candles - but Aussie developers Nocturnal have managed to turn what could have been a horticultural nightmare into a fun, happy game...

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longtimegamer said:

I love that we're getting en action adventure for wii(and a long one) , but....I'm not sure about this. Don't like the looks of the alien or some of the graphics (gnome's ok). Seems like an extremely kiddy like game.



rjejr said:

The Wii trailer video for this showed a yellow arrow cursor for movement on the overworld. After putting in my allotted 60 minutes on the PC demo movement was horrible on the overworld and I'm really hoping they just use the nunchuck for movement as there is really no reason for a point-n-click interface to move around.



carlos_santanos said:

Just a quick note to 5: yeah the movement in the overworld was a bit painful on PC, but on this Wii reworking you can quickly move around using the dpad on the wiimote, feels pretty good (I helped play test onsite).



Cathousemaster said:

Played the PC version a bit, and from I have read the WiiWare vers seems to control better. Its pretty old-school, but is a lot of fun when I actually got into it. Hard in a fun way :)



Fly_Guy said:

I'd like to give this game some love, but sadly it hasn't hit Europe yet. I tried the demo which was great and now just can't wait for Flowerworks to finally come over here. Hope, it'll be soon!

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