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Thu 3rd Dec 2009

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carlos_santanos commented on Review: Flowerworks (WiiWare):

What else could the video have shown ? It showed the game right ? There was a title on PS3 called 'flower' that seemed to sell pretty well. As I understand it the name 'flowerworks' is a mash of flower and fireworks, which is a pretty good description of what happens in the core gameplay. I agree that a wiiware demo would really help with such an unusual title. I'm seriously interested in alternative titles from those who've played it! maybe 'WiiFlower'?



carlos_santanos commented on Flowerworks:

Just a quick note to 5: yeah the movement in the overworld was a bit painful on PC, but on this Wii reworking you can quickly move around using the dpad on the wiimote, feels pretty good (I helped play test onsite).



carlos_santanos commented on Flowerworks Blasts Onto US WiiWare Monday:

I helped playtest this game and can assure you it's got plenty of content! The game is not THAT confusing: basically you have a large overworld in which to wander around, in a similar spirit to pokemon. This overworld is 'unlocked' by earning stars by playing the 'arcade/action' game part. Getting that '5th' star for each level is quite a fun challenge and can be quite addictive if you like score attacks. Personally I loved it (but am maybe biased). Ok, it's very unusual but they wanted to do a game that was truly original, which is hard! I hope people take a chance on it, as a lot of old school love has gone into it. I can't wait to buy it down under, if it comes here.