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Wed 14th Oct 2009

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Fly_Guy commented on Talking Point: Why Is It So Hard to Make a Goo...:

If you want to play a Christmas game done right and are a Metal Gear Solid fan look no further than Merry Gear Solid 2. It boasts SNES styled visuals and features codec conversations that don't need to shy away from the original series. Oh yes, and it's free, of course. The single best Christmas game I've ever played. Just watch the intro on Youtube and let it convince you

Oh, and I like how Quote from Cave Story changes when you fire up your game during the holidays



Fly_Guy commented on Flowerworks:

I'd like to give this game some love, but sadly it hasn't hit Europe yet. I tried the demo which was great and now just can't wait for Flowerworks to finally come over here. Hope, it'll be soon!



Fly_Guy commented on Review: Chibi-Robo (GameCube):

@Sean Aaron: I just bought a sealed copy too, inspired by your great review - found it on eBay for just 12€ !
Running Chibi-Robo was the first sticker I received in Brawl. He's so cute!