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Super Hang-On (VC Arcade / Virtual Console Arcade)

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In this game you race a motorcycle around the world, completing each section of track within a time limit.

There are other bikes on the road, but beating them is not important, so they can be thought of as moving obstacles. Each continent has a different difficulty level: Africa is beginner, Asia is junior, the Americas are senior, and Europe is expert.

This is a very simple and straightforward game, viewed from behind the bike in 2D (so the screen does not tilt with the bike). The right/left controls are steering, and up/down are gear changes. Your cycle is always moving, and your speed strictly depends on the gear you are in, although contact or running off the road slows the bike down.

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Posted by James Newton

Winning run

Name a SEGA arcade racer from the 1980s. Now name one that isn't Out Run. Chances are you've come up with Super Hang-On (or maybe Power Drift if you're really trying), the motorbike racer that's the Pepsi to Out Run's Coke.The fact it's taken SEGA five...

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User Comments (15)



KeeperBvK said:

Yay, So Sega hasn't abandonded VCA! It's always good to have more pseudo 3D Sega arcade games.



Ristar42 said:

My current most wanted download Dont hold out too much hope for OutRun though, without a Ferrari license you'll get that weird generic car from the Shenmue 2 version.
I have the Saturn version of OutRun, which is still the best after all these years!



astarisborn94 said:

Finally, a game that sounds like an Arcade game and not feel like a NES/ported Genesis game. I should consider picking this one up.



Dauntless said:

I have the genesis cart still. This is one of my favorites and I personally think it is better than Outrun (at least on the genesis). Too bad NA will probably never get it. It took 2 years for the UK to get it and the Wii doesn't have another 2 years left for the US to catch up. Virtual Console could have been so much better, but botched up releases like this is what ultimately killed the service. Oh well, same old tired song that I don't want to hear anymore. Enjoy this fine release UK gamers.



jhuhn said:

Should mention that the US region is also priced at 900 Wii points, not 800 as I downloaded the game from the Wii Shop. Loved the original arcade when playing it at a Chuck E. Cheese's location in the GTA back in 1987. Now if only SEGA can get Out Run to follow suit.....



Wolfenstein83 said:

Wow, whoever was playing in that video is a pro or something, I would have crashed a hundred times before the end.
Great game though!



SmaMan said:

Just downloaded it! Pretty awesome. It has Wii Wheel/Accelerometer support to recreate the arcade handlebars, but you can play it with GCN, classic controller, or just the Wii Remote's cross pad.

Get it if you love Sega arcade racers, or arcade racers in general.

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