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Splatterhouse (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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The forces of evil are abroad - ghastly, slimy creatures from the depths of your very worst nightmares. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they've captured your girlfriend! You've got to go to rescue her, so climb into your blue boiler-suit, put on your fearsome ice hockey mask and go kick the butts of those things that go bump in the night.

The action takes place over a horizontally scrolling landscape, and you've got to punch and kick any revolting creature that bars your path - or belt them with any weapon that you've happened to pick up.

The baddies are a vile lot - you've never seen anything so disgusting in your entire life: bloated babies hang from ropes, fetid corpses stalk the night, and there are vicious demons, floating heads, sickening monsters, slimy worms, possessed furniture all out to get you - and there's worse! This is going to be a very long night…

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Posted by Darren Calvert

The forces of evil are abroad - ghastly, slimy creatures from the depths of your very worst nightmares.

Heavily inspired by the Jason Voorhees character from the Friday the 13th films so popular in the 80's this game is a hockey mask wearing, butcher knife wielding gorefest! For those who aren't familiar with the game it is basically a 2D scrolling fighter...

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Hillis said:

I still remember the comic book ad for this game from when I was 5 or 6, where the main guy has some weird red featureless mask on instead of the hockey one; it looks like that old Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin blows a giant bubbles that breaks all over his head and thinks he blew his head inside out.



Yoshi175 said:

I loved splatter house 2 on the megadrive so I hope this one will be as good



Jazzem said:

Isn't this meant to be mega violent? We may have the VC's first 16+ game



Elamaton said:

It's 11+. Probably too cartoony by today's standards to be considered more mature than that.



clarky84 said:

always wanted to play this game, and still aint got a TurboGrafx-16 game on my Wii!! think come thursday once my tele is fixed i'll be getting this downloaded



DEMON212 said:

Thing is though, how can you say that he's a rip on Jason just because of the mask?

Because i'm pretty sure Hockey tenders in the NHL wore them for years before Jason did in Friday the 13th.



Al80 said:

Yeah sure, but putting together a hockey mask with a hulking, machete wielding murderer is not rocket science when you're searching for influences is it?

I bought this game yesterday and have cained it to death. A real retro gem.



SmashYourFace said:

The pictures shown are from the arcade version, ala the white mask. Is the VC download a TB16 port, or an arcade emulation?



Damo said:

The pictures shown are from the Japanese PC Engine version. The Japanese version had the original hockey mask.



20by20 said:

Splatterhouse is awesome and all, but is the download the PCE version or the edited TG16 version? I'm aware that both were censored for gore, but the PCE version had most of the other content intact. (Such as the level 4 boss) Playing the TG16 version would be very odd, as I NEED the hockey mask for the game to feel right!



SmashYourFace said:

I agree, Morty. I wonder why they wouldn't just do arcade emulations for these games. Must be something to do with licensing I assume. I will still download it tho



Masuyo said:

very accurate score! It's the one with the red mask (NOT WHITE) It's a shame that they wussed out and went for the less-gory version. I really wish they just had the roms locked with parental controls then we can download 18+ stuff if we wanted. Not a big deal. GREAT GAME!



Jeremy said:

Great game! Very cartoony and doesn't really feel like a horror game anymore but it is still very fun, I recommend it to everyone!



Mendez said:

@TriggerHappy- Freddy is from Nightmare on Elm Street...

I loved part 2, so I got this straight away and wasn't dissapointed. I did find part 2 much more difficult though, and the red mask is a little annoying. Other than that, it's all good! Easily best VC turbografx game available!



MrChris said:

@TriggerHappy... Jason Vorhees is from Friday 13th, Halloween is Michael Myers (Halloween 3 is best).

Anyway loved playing this in the arcade back when I was a Spectrum owning kid and such graphics were the thing of dreams - can't wait to give this a try!



elvampe_13 said:

Damn! This is the censored version! But even so, I downloaded yesterday and it is still unbelievably fun. Definatly recommended, now to just wait for it's uncensored sega genesis sequels. If you want to know EXACTLY what was censored in the TBG-16 version, go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splatterhouse and check the "Ports" section.



Yoshi175 said:

If you look at the screenshots of the arcade version you'll see the graphics are a lot better and there's dead things on the floor



Clint said:

Jason is from the Halloween movies, Friday the 13th is Freddy.

No, Jason is from Friday the 13th, Freddy is Nightmare on Elm Street, Micheal Myers is from Halloween



Yoshi175 said:

This game is great, but I wish they put the arcade version on that one looks so much better



MightyTapes said:

I am really hopin' that nintendo releases Splatterhouse 3 for Genesis. Incredable graphics on that one.



omdata said:

Ugh. I want my money back. I got it because I never played it and always wanted to. I loves me a good beat-em-up, but this ain't even close. Not even worth it for the camp value. Get Streets of Rage 2; that's a legitimate classic. Leave this rubbish in the trashbin of time.



Northerner said:

I fell in love with this game in the arcades and prayed for a home conversion on the Snes or MD - Alas it was never to be - I couldnt afford a PC Engine on "grey import" - so now half a lifetime later its here - and Im still impressed with this game not as gory due to the conversion but Id recommend it nevertheless.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I agree with Matt. If you want a good beat em up, Get Streets of Rage 2. The most superior beat em up on the VC.



Yoshi175 said:

above posters, don't you realise this game is NOT a beat em up so it's very unfair to rate it as one.
The third splatterhouse was a beat em up but this and the seqal are definatley not.



Rossi said:

Splatterhouse was the first game to ever get a parental advisory disclaimer in 1988 (four years before Midway's Mortal Kombat would be released).

So yes it is a very violent game and should have an age limit on it, but did you ever like your parents holding you back when you wanted a kick ass game? And its the TurboGrafx-16 port version due to the pink/purple mask.. Only the arcade had the white mask... It was changed so it did not clash with Jasons mask!

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

"above posters, don't you realise this game is NOT a beat em up so it's very unfair to rate it as one.
The third splatterhouse was a beat em up but this and the seqal are definatley not." -yoshi175
Well, what IS it(besides arcade conversion)?!



usmc2003 said:

I never played this when it was out the first time, always wanted to though. I was dissapointed by it. I don't know why, i guess that the gameplay was too simplistic. Which is wierd because I love Castlevania and Contra.



MaxK said:

That's exactly what I felt when I played it. Splatter House, an arcade port, is a game with a mix bag of good and bad qualities. It's not great, but it's not entirely crappy either. The second has similar gameplaying mechanics while the third game is a sidscolling beat em' up.



Yoshi175 said:

"Well, what IS it(besides arcade conversion)?!"
I don't know but the gameplay is nothing like any beat em ups it's like comparing adventures of lolo and tetris I guess...



Clayfrd said:

Ugh. A disaster if you ask me. Nothing about this game could keep me playing more than 10 minutes at a time. I just really don't care for it. The graphics are fine, the music is nice, and the AI suffices, but it lacks the most important part, GAMEPLAY! I found it very uninvolving and shallow. Do yourself a favor, and if you want a good beat 'em up, get... any game but this! I admit I have not tried Streets of Rage, but this game has almost made me lose faith in the entire genre! Steer clear of this!



Meh. It's glitchy, sluggish, tedious to play, therefore not worth the cost.



T_Wii said:

Incredibly sucks. I agree with Roo - save your money for a better title..



Manicfatty said:

I really wanted to like this all over again. It was fun for about 15 min. Sad. Maybe the sequels will do it for me.



Brandex said:

This game was the reason I asked for a Turbografx for xmas. I downloaded this again for the VC and beat it within twenty minutes, so I guess the thrill is gone. I'm a fan of these games, as you can see, but I'd really like to play a modern remake of them as the sidescrolling action/ beat 'em up genre doesn't age all that well. Still, this game was pretty freaky for its time.



Smileoscar said:

Namco is going to make a new splatterhouse.
I hope that game will be as good as the other splatterhouses



slangman said:

Saw a video of this on youtube and it looks and sounds awesome. One question though.

Was the PC-Engine version cut down like the Turbographx version?



Drake said:

The PC Engine version IS the Turbografx version. Only difference is that the mask (For some reason) is still white in the PCE version.



TRON said:

I love this game, but that's 90 percent nostalgia. It's technically proficient, but it is kinda clunky at the same time. It is fun though, and some of the bosses are pretty creative. I mean, how many game do you fight a room full of possessed items. I would only recommend this if you have fond memories of it, otherwise, there are better games really to spend your points on.



slangman said:

Ah ok cheers i thought the gore in the PC:E and TG-16 versions had cut down in gore.



David77 said:

The game have a very short lifetime. The levels are very shorts and there no reason to go back after you finish it. Forget the gore, it's mean nothing today.



oldschoolgamer00 said:

This was a great game. I loved the punching. I mean when was the last time a fist punched a knife and won?!?!?!!?!?!?



Rootbeer said:

Saying Splatterhouse is a beat-em-up is like saying Castlevania is a beat-em-up. It's a side-scrolling action game. Don't get this game expecting a beat-em-up.



Dazza said:

Of course it is a beat-em-up. Just like Vigilante and Kung-Fu are also, despite being fixed on the horizontal plain.



evilralfwiggum said:

i am playing this with an NES Advantage. Arcade Game should be played with Arcade Stick. lol..I just played this for the first time! I really really enjoy it. It kicks my a$$ a bit and it's wonderful. : )



Corbs said:

I still prefer the FM Towns Marty version of the game the best, but this Turbografx-16 rendition is still pretty solid. Great music, even for a Turbografx-16 huCard title.

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