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Silent Debuggers (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Make your way through a dungeon-like space station and defeat the prowling monsters in this real-time first-person shooter. You're a member of the elite Debuggers, a group of warriors who are jacks-of-all-trades.

Assigned to inspect an unmanned space station, you have exactly 100 minutes to get in, destroy the monsters lurking in each block, make your way to the lowest level and deactivate the automatic detonator placed there.

With each monster that slips by you, the core block becomes harder to survive in, so speed is key in preserving the facility and each separate block. Experience the thrill of survival as the timer ticks away and you uncover the truth of the events that occurred.

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Posted by Darren Calvert

Make your way through a dungeon-like space station and defeat the prowling monsters in this real-time first-person shooter.

'Silent Debuggers' has to rank as one of the greatest names ever for a videogame. The first few minutes might convince you that this is a great game too. The funky intro music really sets the scene with style along with some nicely drawn anime style...

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azykial said:

I totally remember this game from back in the day. It was easily one of the most played TG16 games along with blazing lazers. I remember being totally enthralled by this title for a long time.



Mendez said:

"Think 'Doom' but on a console that was not capable of doing 3D!
So.. does that mean it's good or bad?
It looks alright..



link64 said:

wait this was released before doom wouldn't that make this the worlds first FPS.



azykial said:

It actually is not really an FPS per se...its more like a hybrid of an FPS as you know it and a dungeon crawler. It's been a long time since i played the game though so it's hard to remember the exact control scheme.

The idea is that you are trapped in a space station that is set to explode. There is a central block that houses the control center and a few other points of interest like a the light controls and sensor arrays, it also is an elevator that allows travel between floors. To stop the space station from exploding you have to clear 6 levels of outer blocks that are full of monsters. As you wonder monsters will sometimes enter the center block and try to destroy a subsystem (like the lights).

Very good overall atmosphere to the game and well worth trying out. Lots of good screen shots at http://screenmania.retrogames.com/pce/01/pce_022.html also.



michinmuri said:

2 stars? Maybe my memories of my childhood escape me. I rememeber this game being a difficult one, but not to the point it was a two star rating. For the graphics and attempt to make a unique game, I'd give it at least three stars, but before I do that, I'll cough up $6 and check it out on my own. Then I'll rate it



Sinistron said:

Had this back in the day and enjoyed it- but why anyone would buy this now when first person shooters aren't just still around but are practically the only genre around is beyond me. They've come a long way obviously.



HumanIce said:

ahhhhaha.. I have this game on my Wii.. please, get the game to your Wii.. it's a very scray, funny at some point game..
but it's the most creepy FPS I've ever played in my life, you walk in a dark dungeon after the lights turn off, and you see all kinds of scary creatures around.. and some of them try to escape from you when you've shot them, and it just.. a very hard game.. you won't beat it.. EVER. but I like this game on my Wii.. it's better than some sonic I got to Wii for a bad point.. getting sonic to VC is a mistake.. I hate sonic.. boring game..



mooseproduce said:

This is basically a very good game that doesn't explain itself very well (not surprising, given the translation), and leaves you to figure out how to play.

My first play-through involved mucking around aimlessly through repetitive hallways, not knowing where I was or where monsters were, and shooting them whenever they happened to pop up. When there was only one or two left in the level, it took me probably 10 minutes of wandering to find each monster. I almost cried from boredom.

Anyways, at some point you figure out how to use the flashing lights at the top of the screen, and it's like sinking into the next layer of gameplay - now you actually know how to hunt monsters actively, and suddenly the game is action-packed. This alone still wouldn't be a "good game" - more of a chocolate egg hunt at Easter, really - except for the addition of the items and the Core rooms. Deciding on which weapons and items to take out into storage with you is actually REALLY strategic; one of my favourite combinations is auto charger + mega beamer + jump unit, which allows you to conserve physical ammo and defend the Core rooms. Alternatively, if you've cleared the area of green monsters, maybe you want to go Sleep Launcher + pistol + auto charger + muzzle adaptor, which is great for hunting.

Anyways, buy this only if you want to treat it as a kind of puzzle: "how am I going to play this game"?.. and, once you solve the puzzle, you get to play through an enjoyable action game.



Sp3nc3r said:

This is a pretty good game. I would give it a 4 stars, but not a 5, because there is not a difficulty setting for people who aren't good at video games. Such as me. and gaming gets repetitive.



CanisWolfred said:

What? No video?

I actually have a feeling that I would really like this game. Too bad I just don't have the points to spend on it, though.



Steviis_Father said:

Was the original PC-Engine version completely in English? There seems to be no authority on the net that says otherwise. The Katakana is under the title, but did the JAP PC-Engine do an all-English story? (i.e. import-friendly?) Will someone please shed some light on this matter.



Steviis_Father said:

@16 - Darnit. On my last trip to Japan (before the above comment was made), I purchased a copy of the game, thinking it played in English. I just got back and tried it to my dismay. It does not play in English.
Thanks anyway, Banana_Jane.

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