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'Silent Debuggers' has to rank as one of the greatest names ever for a videogame. The first few minutes might convince you that this is a great game too. The funky intro music really sets the scene with style along with some nicely drawn anime style scenes.

Welcome to the world of the debuggers, a duo of fearless bounty hunters tasked with the job of ridding a futuristic space cargo ship of all manner of gruesome beings.

Prepare yourself to meander aimlessly though endless almost identical looking tunnels taking down aliens as you come across them. You might be tempted to think of this game as a FPS but it isn’t really. The illusion of 3D is shattered by the jerky flicking between frames as you progress in the corridors.

As this game is undoubtedly inspired by the film 'Alien' your character's lack of freedom fits perfectly. The claustrophobic feel of the corridors and the feeling of helplessness against insidious foes from another world suit the style of game well.

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When your motion detector starts beeping frantically you’ll know the fiends are nearby and you can take them out with your trusty pea-shooter. Watch out the alien scum don’t turn the lights out on you, it’s really annoying when they do that!

The space age setting is nice but there is no escaping from the fact this is just a dressed dungeon-crawler. During enemy encounters there is no real sense of interaction in the attacks, it’s a shame that more tactical elements like targeting key body parts for certain aliens was not implemented into the combat. Instead you reduced to an uninspiring static shoot-out.

You've got to fill up your recharge your energy and weapons from time to time but there isn’t much to the gameplay unless you think of constantly having to pop up the map screen to check on your progress as a game feature.


Silent Debuggers is a game which from the outset appears to have great potential but the lack of freedom and variety will get to even the most intrepid of bounty hunters. Think wisely before accepting the offer of bounty in this space age disappointment.