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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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mooseproduce commented on Silent Debuggers:

This is basically a very good game that doesn't explain itself very well (not surprising, given the translation), and leaves you to figure out how to play.

My first play-through involved mucking around aimlessly through repetitive hallways, not knowing where I was or where monsters were, and shooting them whenever they happened to pop up. When there was only one or two left in the level, it took me probably 10 minutes of wandering to find each monster. I almost cried from boredom.

Anyways, at some point you figure out how to use the flashing lights at the top of the screen, and it's like sinking into the next layer of gameplay - now you actually know how to hunt monsters actively, and suddenly the game is action-packed. This alone still wouldn't be a "good game" - more of a chocolate egg hunt at Easter, really - except for the addition of the items and the Core rooms. Deciding on which weapons and items to take out into storage with you is actually REALLY strategic; one of my favourite combinations is auto charger + mega beamer + jump unit, which allows you to conserve physical ammo and defend the Core rooms. Alternatively, if you've cleared the area of green monsters, maybe you want to go Sleep Launcher + pistol + auto charger + muzzle adaptor, which is great for hunting.

Anyways, buy this only if you want to treat it as a kind of puzzle: "how am I going to play this game"?.. and, once you solve the puzzle, you get to play through an enjoyable action game.