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Uncharted Waters: New Horizons (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is a game set in the Age of Discovery, the golden era of European global exploration during the early 16th century.

There are six different characters to choose from, all with different backgrounds and different motivations. Once you've chosen a character to play, you're free to sail the world's oceans as you wish, visiting a variety of exotic ports and making thrilling new discoveries.

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

As deep as the ocean

Koei released quite an arsenal of strategy titles during the 16-bit era, many of them on the Super Nintendo console. While the original Uncharted Waters laid the foundation, its sequel New Horizons picked up right where it left off and managed to add...

Game Review

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Look forward to new horizons

Koei released quite an arsenal of strategy titles during the 16-bit era, many of them on the Super Nintendo console. While the original Uncharted Waters laid the foundation, its sequel New Horizons picked up right where it left off and managed to add...

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User Comments (30)



Terra said:

I'll keep an eye out for this one.

Also, maybe Koei are releasing the first game before this but a rating hasn't appeared.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Another great Koei game. I'm not surprised that they're releasing this one before the first one, given than they started the RTK series with the weakest game (IV) and haven't released the first three yet...



The_Fox said:

Great game! If I recall the menus are kind of clunky, but don't let that stop you from trying it.



CanisWolfred said:

As much as I like pirates, I could really care less about this, it just doesn't look all that interesting.



tatemon555 said:

This looks quite fun. I just started playing strategy games, and I like them. This will probably be a good addition to my collection of Wii downloadables.



Kaeobais said:

Looks alright, but I'm rubbish at strategies, so it's a no for me.

this made me think though, we need a pirate game to come on Wii, one where you just get to sail around, free roamingly, where you're able to shoot at anything you see. Searching for treasure.



kq76 said:

Loved this game as a kid. Looking forward to it being released for the VC.



CanisWolfred said:

,,,actually, this does look sort of interesting. I don't like the look of the battles, but who knows, it might not be that bad.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Hmm. May be worth a look and since it'll be released in Japan this month, it's likely this will hit NA! Or at least, we can hope.



Ferret75 said:

Looks like a mix between Civilization and Fire Emblem.
Kinda interesting actually, if it gets good reviews, I'll buy it.



tatemon555 said:

Like KS8 said, Japan is getting it this month, so it'll probably hit the US, and I'll be getting it.



jones2929 said:

This game looks awesome. Never heard of it. To me, that's the beauty of the virtual console - you hopefully get (1) games that are full of nostalgia, or (2) games that you overlooked back in the day. A quick Google search on the game shows that it has an intense following. I'll be downloading this when I get home.



Adam said:

Looks complicated... Hopefully we get Majora's Mask next week.



Phalyn said:

on the one hand, im not fond of strategies, on the other hand this looks VERY interesting.



CuzinMike said:

I don't remember this game being a 2 player game. This game is fun at first but it gets to be very repetitive. While, each character offers a different yet intertwined story, you basically follow the same pattern of making money, exploring the world, managing your fleet of ships and crew and finally battling other ships. There are numerous ways to make money in this game, i.e. trading goods, delivering messages, gambling at black jack, mapping the globe, travelling to certain locations and discovering various objects. But the quickest and most fun way to make money is battling other ships, the winner taking control over their fleet, crew and whatever valuable cargo they may be holding. Again this is all fun when you play your first character story, but when you rinse and repeat this process over the remaining character stories it does get tiresome. While completing each character's story is the final objective, you can just play out one character's role anyway you desire for over 100 years of in game time before the game ends on you. This game will offer lots of playing time, and is likely worth the 800 points. Hope this helps anyone thinking about making the purchase today.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

Oh boy. Another game I've never heard of. Wish they'd get back to the major series.
1. Mega Man 4-6
2. Bomberman
3. Columns SMS
4. Ecco SMS
5. Sonic & Knuckles
6. Kirby Super Star
7. Super Mario All-Stars
8. Super Mario Kart
9. Mega Man 7
10. Yoshi's Island



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Why don't you actually TRY games you've never heard of. <_<

@CuzinMike: Most strategy games are, for the most part, "repetitive". Looking forward to hearing more impressions from others.



RevolverLink said:

This sounded really interesting at first, but now that I realize it's a strategy game, I'm gonna have to pass. I totally suck at strategy games.



TRON said:

This is a pretty fun game, but I would say it's an RPG kinda like Harvest Moon. It's mainly a simulator, and you start with a ship, and a couple crew members. You level up certain attributes and get better ships, and build a little fleet. Depending on what character you pick the game changes a bit. One character starts as a trader basically, with no cannons on your ship etc. Another character starts as a pirate and you can pillage merchant fleets right away.

It's pretty fun if you like Harvest Moon type games that are more about management than action. It's pretty flexible too as far as how you play it, you can make your way as an explorer, trader, pirate, or lead your fleet to defeat another country's fleet, or mix and match how you'll get your riches. Fun stuff, but not for everyone maybe.



masked_marsoe said:

This could really do with a direct remake to a modern console, or a port to DS.

Waiting for it to come out...



WolfRamHeart said:

Apparently the fourth game in this series got ported onto both DS and PSP but only in Japan. I would love to play this on the DS because it is a perfect fit for the DS!

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