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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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pricetag commented on Ice Hockey:

I loved how the games could end--if it was a tight game (within two goals, I think) during the last two minutes, the crowd would start cheering!

Then, you went to a shootout if it ended in a tie, and if it was still tied after the shootout, an overtime period with no goalies!

That made for some wild finishes between my brother and I back in the day. I'd find myself sandbagging so the game would be close at the end.



pricetag commented on Double Dribble:

The reviewer was way too tough on this game, IMO.

This was the first basketball game to come out on the console, and it was solid, for the entire lifespan of the NES. Only Tecmo's NBA Basketball game was better, and that was mostly because they had the NBA teams and players, season mode, etc.



pricetag commented on Tecmo Bowl:

I'm among the "Tecmo Super Bowl is far better" crowd, but the original Tecmo Bowl is better than nothing.

I'm scared that they won't be able to bring TSB to the Virtual Console. Taking the names out is easy (although I prefer fake names to blank space), but there are tons of NFL logos in the game that would need to be removed, aren't there? I don't think it would be worth Tecmo's while to do that extensive an amount of work on that ROM.