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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ian commented on Double Dribble:

I have this on my NES, did you know that this game was the first NES game to use Digital voice? Back in the day I really liked the game despite the fact I could never time the jump right when the game started to claim the ball. It realy isn't that bad, but it is quite outdated.



Ian commented on Fatal Fury:

Does anyone know if the NeoGeo Virtual Console games support 60Hz for PAL machines? or is it 50Hz only like the NES and SNES games?



Ian commented on Ninja JaJaMaru-kun:

This looks a lot like a Ninja version of that Flicky game made for the Mega Drive...



Ian commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2007:

SIN AND PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Yes please, seeing a lof of S&P videos on youtube, it look's like an awesome N64 game, I so wanted this back in the day, and now I want it more!



Ian commented on Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure:

Great game! but I hoping to see Super Bonk in the Future, in my opinion Super Bonk is the best game in it's series. Here's me with my Fingers crossed.