Devil World (NES)

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In this hidden gem of an action game from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, you play heroic dragon Tamagon, who must defeat evil by collecting boa-boa dots inside a maze and destroying enemies with his fire breath.

However, keep an eye on the devil at the top of the screen, who instructs his minions to move the maze in random directions, trying to squash Tamagon within its walls!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Martin Watts

Heaven a good time

As far as obscure releases within the NES library go, Devil World is certainly one of the most interesting. Originally released in Japan in 1984 and in Europe in 1987, this is a title that to this day has never been available to purchase in North America...

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Robert Hughes

Absolutely Diabolical

Very few developers can boast the introduction of as many unique and refreshing gameplay concepts as game-crafting master Shigeru Miyamoto. Nintendo’s iconic developer has reinvented and reinvigorated countless genres, breathing new life into stale and...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A devilish Pac-Man clone from Miyamoto

Devil World is one of extremely few Nintendo titles that was released in Europe, but not the US. Most likely this was due to Nintendo of America's strict rule not to feature any "religious" factors in games, and seeing as the game includes a devil, that...

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User Comments (54)



Drake said:

Before anybody asks - Yes, that is the Devil from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



Tom said:

I wonder why the Devil is called Demon in Smash Bros on the UK site...

I think i may download this if it comes out here. Looks pretty cool.



Bensei said:

I'll never figure why America has so big problems with crosses, devils and other religous symbols.
Okay, Satanism is a serious prblem, but why forbidding a game just because there are crosses and fat demons in?

But I welcome the changes they made on the Topis in Ice Climbers though...



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Not that I mind imitation, but it's pretty obvious that this title borrows its core, gameplay mechanics from Pac-Man. The weird religious aesthetic coupled with its limited release have piqued my interest. Devil World certainly has superior, visual appeal to Pac-Man, but I find myself wondering if the gameplay is as outdated as Ice Climbers or Donkey Kong.



JNoodles said:

Probably will be released on import in North America since the NOA has gotten their heads on right since the 80s.



lockelocke said:

Hells yes! An unlicensed classic that Nintendo refused to touch because of its inclusion of religious imagery. This game goes for as much as $200 now; Hella stoked that its coming to VC. While it may have borrowed as much as, say Mario borrowed from Pitfall, or Sonic from Mario, its not the Pac Man copy it may appear to be. Devil World features a unique constantly shifting playing field, a weapon system reminiscent of Bomberman, and a Donkey Kong-esque villain who looms over the top of the screen. You may find yourself nostalgic over certain other classic titles as you play through Devil World, but to call it a mere Pac Man rip off is short changing the game for sure. Worth the 500 (600?) for the difference in price tag alone.



Drake said:

Zinjak: Yup, but only in the Japanese version. For some odd reason it was removed from the US and PAL versions, although you can use a cheat device to hack it into your game if you have a US copy (It's impossible in the PAL one).



lordbowser said:

I actually had this on one of those 32 in 1 pirate carts back in the day. I hope it doesn't have an extra 100 points tagged on it seeing as their is no japanese text in it whatsoever and its also a bit mediocre (Still fun though).



Ricardo91 said:

I hope we get this as an import soon. I too played it on one of those bootlegged Power Player Thingys. The controls are iffy (i don't know if that's a controller problem or a game problem) and it was nothing special really, but was still fun. It's a Miyamoto game. I MUST HAVE IT!

Edit: Also, I downloaded a ROM for it quite a long time ago and still haven't found the proper emulator to play it...



Terra said:

I would probably get this if my family weren't that religious but they are. not very but it does play a part in my household. Me though, i have religious and scientific beliefs. I accept the heaven and hell idea but i also believe in Evolution. Is there a technical term for belief's like mine?



Damo said:

@Terranigma - There are several people who argue that evolution is part of God's plan, they call it 'Intelligent Design'.

I'm religous myself and believe in evolution. I'm sure there's a term for that (I seem to recall my R.E. teacher mentioning it many, many years ago) but I can't remember it right now.



Terra said:

I'll ignore that Dazza. I'll have to look at that "Intelligent Design" idea. Someone just told me what i said is called agnostic. What does that actually mean?



Bensei said:

I wonder hen this will finally hit us. I mean, it has been OFLC rated for ages, and hasn't even been brought to Europe yet!



WiiMan192 said:

Yup, this shows how accurately you can estimate release dates from ratings

Due to its Satanism theme, I am surprised that this is seeing a rerelease Not too sure if I'd get it though.



Kurachi said:

i just played it because i wanted to get as far as possible, maybe a challenge for me, and wanted to make it through, so no matter how many times i died, i had to try again and again

SSBB reminded me of this annoying devil, some ssbb levels get hard with this one from assist trophy

it was a nice challenge for me, so i give it 4 stars

Edit: ps. its from my birthyear



blackknight77 said:

@ Terranigma
I actually agree with Creationism and not evolution.
I don't think this little game will challenge your faith in anyway since its just a Pacman clone. However, if the content bothers your family it probably just better to get another game since there are plenty of other titles to play



Adamant said:

Sorry, I'm not getting your review scores, here - this game gets 4 stars, while classics like Donkey Kong are given 2 because "there's not much substance to them, being aged arcade games". What makes Devil World such a special case? It's the same type of gameplay found in these other great, score-based games you refuse to give high scores.

@lockelocke: "This game goes for as much as $200 now"
Seriously? Wow, Americans sure are gullible, this game isn't particularly rare. I should start building a collection and sell them on Ebay.



Drake said:

I can't really answer that because Dazza reviewed Donkey Kong before I even worked for the site, but I would give Donkey Kong a 2/5 as well, just because it's such a sloppy port - One entire level is missing!



Dazza said:

@Adamant - We just try and review each game on it's own merits. The fact is the NES port of Donkey Kong isn't great and besides that the gameplay gets much too repetitive. It's not like we give all aged arcade games poor scores, Bubble Bobble scored quite well for instance.



Adamant said:

I know - that's the substance part. Bubble Bobble has a lengthy quest with tons of tricky levels, rather than a pure hi-score focus, like Devil World. I agree Bubble Bobble is awesome, but it's not really the same type of game as these others. Look at games like Balloon Fight (3 stars), City Connection (2 stars), Clu Clu Land (2 stars), Dig Dug (3 stars), Donkey Kong (2 stars), Donkey Kong Jr (2 stars), Donkey Kong 3 (2 stars), Galaga (3 stars), Mario Bros (2 stars) and Pac-Man (3 stars) - all the same type of "endlessly repeating levels with a hi score being your only goal" gameplay as Devil World, and all criticized as "too simplistic/outdated/short/substance-less". What does Devil World have that none of these games have?
I'm not complaining about the 4 star rating given Devil World, it's a great game, but so are a lot of the other games I listed - what makes them so much worse?



Betagam7 said:

"Knowing Nintendo, it will. But frankly I could care less about this game"

No offense to LuigiDude meant but am I the only one that doesn't get why Americans use this phrase. Its a complete contradiction in terms. If you "could" care less then that means you do actually care, no?



KingMike said:

$200? Is that the Japanese or EU version?
Maybe if the EU cart is rare like I heard, but I remember paying around $20 for the JP cart, which still felt high.



Adamant said:

20$ is about par for your average non-supercommon PAL NES cart. Game prices on average being higher in Europe - just because a game might seem a tad pricey to you doesn't make it rare, it makes your expectations wrong. You can get a complete PAL Devil World for 30-40$, that's not particularly expensive.



Cowmansr said:

I don't get why religious people would see fighting the devil as bad... that sounds a little backwards to me. Of course fighting the devil as a weird little dragon is a bit abstract, but I still think this would be more offensive to people who don't like Christians than it would be for people who are Christians. I guess some folks are just so sensitive they don't bother to look at the details, and just get scared off by the "Devil World" title.

But then it does seem like the loudest members of a given group are also usually the silliest.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I would download this for the Christianity alone. (Now if only my parents would know that, though the game says "Devil World," THE DEVIL IS A BAD GUY THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DEFEAT. Then again, they do not know about this game...)

EDIT: By the way, dragons represent the Devil in the Bible, so some will call this game blasphemy due to the Christian/Catholic dragon....

And yes. I am Christian. (Protestant, to be more specific.) Please do not perform a Brutality on me.



supermetroid said:

just downloaded it , now i dont dissagree with the 3.75* rating but... i think this is a great game , all thouse who like pac-man will enjoy this tital:)



Eltigro said:

@Betagam7 and dufftastic

It is not "Americans" that use the phrase. Please don't generalize it like that. It is some Americans who don't know the phrase and write/type/say it wrong. It should be "couldn't care less," but some people just don't know this. They have said it a certain way for a long time and no one has corrected it either because they were trying to be polite and not offend, or they didn't know themselves. I am American and it bothers me as well.

Other things that bother me that I've heard people say or seen people type...

"A lot" is two words. It is not "alot." Try looking "alot" up in a dictionary. It's not there for a reason. It's not a word. What really bothers me is when I try showing this to my students and they see the word "allot" and think it is the same thing, refusing to actually read the definition and see that its meaning is not even close to what they are saying.

The contraction "could've" is short for "could have" not "could of." This is something that people type based on how it sounds. They say could've like "could of." So instead of writing "could have" or "could've" they write "could of."

I've heard people say that something is a "mute point." No. It's a "moot point."

My point is, there are a lot of sayings and phrases that people say or write the wrong way either out of laziness or ignorance. Sometimes, people just don't care enough. "It's just an online post, it's not a doctoral thesis."

I also mean no offense to anyone. I am certainly not in the majority. For the most part, it is not your fault, you just don't know and no one has corrected you.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Saisinkolimonadin-san: "So you play as a dragon, who represents the Devil, and you're fighting against the Devil? He kills himself?"

That seems to be the point in a lot of games, but not here. The dragon is apparently Catholic/Christian here, yet you made a point.
By the way, Jesus did say something about "a house divided against himself cannot stand" regarding someone casting out demon in the name of the Devil...



StarDust4Ever said:

@MarkyVigoroth: Abe Lincon also said the same about the USA. Makes sence; I never connected the Bible passage to the Presidential quote before.

Moving on... People are delving way too deep into this, turning it into a theological discussion. The game has little Devils (foes) and crosses (power ups). Just take them for the face value that this is merely just a cute game.

Anywho, in responce to the religious debate, I am adding my 2 cents. Christianity and Science can and do coexist - as much as fundamentalists try to bash evolution, there is nothing in the Bible that actually refutes it. In fact the logical order of the "seven days" in the Creation story in Genesis actually support the notion of evolution, with varying stages ranging from the formation of the planets to the dawn of life, ultimately resulting in humans being the pinnacle of creation. Also, the Big Bang theory is all the more proof that a God exists, as there is no other scientific explanation as to the supernatural force that triggered it. I am a Christian who believes in GOD as well as science.

And I think Terranigma and Damo can back me up on this one: Just like the Catholic Church excommunicated Galileo for his "blasphemous" idea that the Earth was NOT the center of the universe, so too are modern Christians dismissing the concept of evolution as part of GOD's creation. Galileo was pardoned by John Paul II. Maybe someday three or four hundred years from now, they will pardon Darwin as well, but I don't see it happening in my lifetime. I am done ranting.



MarkyVigoroth said:

StarDust-san: In reality, the Bible says that every creature reproduced after its own kind, so evolution is excluded. (And besides, if a perfect God created everyone in a perfect design to the point of making man after his own image in a separate act, is there a need for evolution?)
Anyways, true science is in harmony with the Bible; the atheistic "authorities" simply try to exclude the Bible from science as an attempt to "prove" that God does not exist. Unfortunately for them, Creation is easier to believe and prove than evolution.

In another point, yes; this is turning theological, yet people always seem to take a lot of attention to Christianity. (People always bash Christianity, by the way...)



Wesbert said:

About this whole science vs. religion issue: Scientists try to create a model of the universe that works by itself, according to logical laws, without outside assistance (to put it bluntly, without a god who frequently needs to wind it up or tinker with it). That does not disprove god, nor do they wish to do so (you could just as easily say that god created the universe to work independently, without his continued maintenance). Unfortunately, the church(es) take offense at this, because they claim it's reducing the influence, and thus the power of god, although it is mainly reducing their own influence (if praying doesn't result in celestial interference, why bother with donations?). Therefore, the clash is mainly science vs. church (the organisation), not science vs. religion (the belief system). This is my personal opinion and observation, and it is not intended as an insult, merely food for tought.
But before this board gets even more theological, we should consider why this game features this Christian theme in the first place. Because I think that they merely wanted to create a game with a moving maze, and when tinkering with the level designs, they realized the most interesting shape to put at the "center" would be a cross-shaped one, because it forces the players sidewards and acts as a good divider. And then, when they saw this prominent shape, they thought "Hey, what with the cross and such, why not give it a Christian theme? Makes it more exotic (the game originates from Japan, after all)". So I don't think we should try too hard to find any sort of religious symbolism in it, and merely enjoy this rather interesting little gem (and it would also make it easier to explain why it features a cute little dragon as a hero character, even though St. George clearly showed how the Christians thought about dragons).
Of course, as I so frequently point out, I might be dead wrong



KingEnigma said:

So now the whole pointing gimmick in Brawl makes sense. And here I was just thinking that Devil was in the nWo.....



cheetahman91 said:

There is no such thing as evolution. That's my argument.
About the game: It's a decent little Pac-Man clone.



Stuffgamer1 said:

STILL waiting for this game...also, for the record, I agree with Eltigro. "Could care less" and those other things he ranted about are all stupid lingual butchering, and I will have no part in it.



astarisborn94 said:

Two and a half years since it released in Europe and it still hasn't come to North America.

It also hasn't gained any further controversy either, which should support a North America release, especially since I imagine that North America is a less religious place then Europe (At least the generally Christian countries). So those saying that it hasn't released due to religious reasons are just arguing someone as it if was an issue, when it isn't at all.

And another thing, The Devil from this game did appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I don't see a lot of complaining about it either from religious fundamentalists.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I have no clue why this hasn't shown up in NA. Maybe it'll be NA's last Hanabi festival game, but hopefully they will release it, as there is no reason not to release it in today's society.

...Or at the very least, in Canada and South america if the US may have problems with it.

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