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Alien Storm (Wii Virtual Console / Mega Drive)

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Shape-shifting aliens have infiltrated the city, creating chaos and panic! Fortunately, a trio of heroes called the Alien Busters have agreed to wipe out the invading creatures! Each member of the team wields their own special attacks to unload a world of hurt on the Martian menaces, from the city streets to the mothership.

Gordon, a tough guy with a bazooka, has a special gunship attack, while Karla has a flamethrower for alien crisping - though she prefers to use her special ballistic missile attack. Finally, Slammer the robot can self-destruct at will and attacks the invaders with an electric whip, as well as other devices. Take the aliens by storm and save your city!

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Shape-shifting aliens have infiltrated the city, creating chaos and panic!

There’s an alien invasion. Save the people! Kill the aliens! Not the most original premise for a game, granted, but Alien Storm carries its heart on its sleeve. Pretensions of artistry and greatness are laid aside; the story serves only as fodder to...

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User Comments (22)



DEMON212 said:

Only arcade game i've ever beaten. I only ever got a £1 when I went to the arcades, so i'd just play this everytime, and eventually I got good enough to beat it. Done it with a mate too.

I was always the Robot :) Good time. Must have VC title.



Mendez said:

I used to think the world of this game when I was young, it was one of my favourite games ever. But now I've realised there are much better games with exactly the same gameplay style like Streets of Rage and Final Fight.
It's still a good game, but there are far better Beat 'Em Ups available.
It gets a high 3 from me.



link64 said:

why does everyone keep calling this a beat em up when it looks more like a run and gun game.



Dazza said:

Because it is a beat em up! It's basically Golden Axe with different sprites!



Kirk said:

It's a pity the new Alien Storm game looks nowhere near as cool as this game was. They should have kept the really nice style and character designs it had imo...



ZetaBladeX13 said:

well.....because Alien Storm on the VC is from the Sega Genesis, the graphics won't look as good as the Arcade version >.>

anyway, I actually have Alien Storm for the Genesis and I Never even played the Arcade version, but anything by team shinobi (ie: Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, etc.) is really worth buying.

~~BUY IT!!!!! XD



Breck said:

One of my all-time favorites, so beautiful in its simplicity. Sadly, it's a game many people seem to love to hate. Don't know why.



Mr.cow said:

are they gunna use the wiimote to point in the shooting portions ?



RoninDennis said:

I loved this game as a kid, but then I loved a lot of MD games at the time that I wouldn't dare buy for VC now. And I guess this will be no exception...



Will said:

Isnt the robot just so crap?! Makes me laugh everytime, very fond memorys of this, 5stars



Damo said:

Tony - This is more like Golden Axe than Streets of Rage (no grappling moves) so if you like GA you'll be over the moon with Alien Storm.



TRON said:

It's an average game in all it's parts, but it all comes together to be incredibly fun. Beer and pretzels game for sure, but we all love a pint and a fun mindless game sometimes ;)



AUnkownFuture said:

Hmm i remember playing this game in the arcades and to be fairness it is very hard id say the arcade version is better then MegaDrive Download it if your a big huge Beat em up fan



puresthatred said:

Sci Fi Golden Axe. A beat em up with shoot em up Operation Wolf/Space Gun sections. Actually quite a nice game but the main game is a little weak, hitting aliens about the head is a poor idea when you could shoot em but hey, if youre into Golden Axe you'll prob love it



AlphaNerd01 said:

I'm a big fan of Golden Axe, so I finally broke down and decided to give this one a try. This game is the quintessential "average" title, and it got tedious after a while. I'm still glad I tried it for myself though.

I guess I enjoy Golden Axe so much because of the fantasy themes... (Must be why Dungeon Siege was a massive success and now Space Siege is getting lambasted by critics.)



Kurachi said:

i liked this a lot, because i wanted to do with someone else, but they didnt like it, so did it alone
i still liked to kill monsters as ugly as those :P
maybe i'll buy it later, i have other games i want now (but have to wait :O :P)



Corbs said:

I just never really got into this game. It felt too bland to me. Of course I've never been a big beat 'em up fan. I prefer to stick to the one-on-one fighting games myself. :)



NeoShinobi said:

Now this was a neat little game that I enjoyed quite a bit. The gameplay was solid and setting and story was such cheasy fun.

I also never understood why poeple keep refering to this game as a "re-skinned Golden Axe", I never got that impression when I play this game.

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