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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ZetaBladeX13 commented on Mega Man:

MM 4 was my favorite (the charge shot is your friend) XD

oh, and I agree with Dayton about the MMX collection, but only about the remixed music, f*** how I hated the choppy remixed MMX 3 music >_



ZetaBladeX13 commented on Golden Axe II:

I agree with Damien, GA2, even to this day, has the best game soundtrack I've ever heard.

When I was younger my dad bought me and my younger brother MANY genesis games over the years, games like Vectorman, Toejam & Earl, Sonic, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, Alien Syndrome, and of course, the Golden Axe trilogy, but personally, I like GA2 better than the original and GA3, and I prefer it over every beat-'em-up I've played, even to this day. I still feel completely Immersed every time I play this game, especially with my younger brother.

*I was always the dwarf *
Gilius Thunderhead RULES!! (yes, I still know each of their names) XD

~~Happy Gaming!~~



ZetaBladeX13 commented on Yoshi's Story:

Great game, I remember getting this game for my birthday back when I was a kid, *sigh* nostalgia definitely comes to mind with this game, and to all of you who are HIGHLY DISAPPROVING this game in all capital letters, grow up and let people make their own decisions. This game is very unique and shouldn't be compared with Yoshi's Island, both it and Yoshi's Story give completely different gaming experiences. Happy Gaming



ZetaBladeX13 commented on Alien Storm:

well.....because Alien Storm on the VC is from the Sega Genesis, the graphics won't look as good as the Arcade version >.>

anyway, I actually have Alien Storm for the Genesis and I Never even played the Arcade version, but anything by team shinobi (ie: Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, etc.) is really worth buying.

~~BUY IT!!!!! XD