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Your journey through the universe of X-Scape begins as you wake from 10 years of cryosleep, only to find yourself unexpectedly thrown into a fearsome battle against an evil empire bent on your destruction.

You'll travel to numerous planets in the Kiisa system and engage in a wide variety of challenges (including optional side quests) in your fight for survival. At your command is VIXIV, an advanced battle tank able to deftly maneuver on land or in the air while loaded with an array of formidable weapons. To help with advice or upgrades to VIXIV's abilities, you've also got your highly capable support bot, VIX-529. Use the touch screen to pilot VIXIV in one of two modes: tunnel mode and free-movement mode. In tunnel mode, you'll navigate through narrow, dangerous tunnels that connect planets. Successful completion of tunnel mode opens free-movement mode, which allows you to freely roam the surfaces of planets and take up missions. Presented in 3-D with a stylishly retro graphic presentation, X-Scape combines continuous action with an epic story to create an experience that's sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

One of DSiWare's best and most ambitious adventures yet

If X-Scape is any indication, Nintendo should encourage more developers to revisit the deepest depths of their back catalogue and make sequels to their obscurest of games.This here is the follow-up to the 1992 Japan-only Game Boy release X. The original...

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User Comments (29)



Birdman said:

Hmm, another Q-Games deved game for DSiWare ... I'll probably get this when it comes out.



Jumpman said:

whoa, after watching that trailer i want this game badly...and i am suddenly getting the munchies



Buster13 said:

Isn't this a sequel/remake to X, a japan only Gameboy game, because it definitely looks like one.



Iggy said:

This game looks good for dsiware might get it depending on the review. But from that trailer it looks like it would be fun to play.



Ryon said:

considering the massive usage or certain colors (red this and that and this thing over here.. mainly red)

i'd hope it would have great shades of that color, and some sort of physics to the particles that break off the ....aliens? spacetanks?



xAlias said:

This looks really cool and I am definitely buying it if it scores a 7 or above. I need a shooter on my Dsi.



Kenji510 said:

Looks cool and reminds me of that game Battlezone from Atari and Starfox Command. :D



noname875 said:

People DONT WAIT FOR A REVIEW! Just get it, its worth it :)
(In my opinion its the best DSiWare game yet)



Funem said:

Hmmm... guess its going to be a long wait for the EU release,,, worth waiting for though it seems..



ClickMaster said:

This Game Is Awesome! A little Easy at first,But Still Awesome!

If you're into Hardcore or "Futuristic Games" this is for You.

I got hooked on the First day.
I just wish there was some kindof Wi-Fi Battle mode or somthin'



lOnE-WolF said:

I love this game. Everything about it is great, and I can't seem to put it down.

Because that mothership is a royal pain in the butt for some reason xD



Hokori said:

this game only make me want VH more so I can Play the Original.
Also on a side note I think its weird tha Argnaut Software Made The 1st X and Star Fox Games and Q-Games Made this and Starfox Command



Cowtruck123 said:

I got this and i REALLY don't like it. I delted it almost right away. It has bad controls and you cant see very well with the 2-color, color sceme



cerealbro said:

Im leaning towards getting it, but i dont understand the colors. could someone explain why they are a problem? thanks :)



edhe said:

Whoever was responsible for changing the title in the EU to "3D Space Tank" deserves a slap.



Accela said:

Well.. the game is about a 3d space tank.. :) Anyway, love this game. I've been stuck on this one boss for a bit though. I'm so lazy.

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