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Wed 17th Feb 2010

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egrane commented on Art Academy:

can anyone tell me: how many pictures can you work on at any one time? with the downloads it's one picture per download.



egrane commented on My Exotic Farm:

got it for fun are nice.animals are stupid and poo lots.



egrane commented on Review: My Exotic Farm (DSiWare):

if you can't tolerate picking up virtual poop, think twice about birth,adoption, working around anything live that poos-stay in your parents basement. no life for you!



egrane commented on 101 Shark Pets:

if any game had the potential for a mature rating, this one did. imagine throwing your boss or ex to the shark-well, we,ll never know. feeding an apple to a shark? i'm gonna tell peta. not even lazer beams, sheesh.



egrane commented on Sega Pondering Bringing Adult Titles to 3DS:

why is "adult" connected to violence? it's high time the "gameindustry" figured out that sex and death sells. it doesn't have to be full on either. a blend of spicy situations,humor and horror would be a nice change from mario, etc...



egrane commented on X-Scape:

wonder if it would be on the ds3d?



egrane commented on Art Academy: First Semester:

i got both so i can use my dsi like a sketchbook/watercolor kit. i don't use the instruction but it is basic and effective. the best part is uploading the work to facebook, then onto pictures. please,please oh nintendo gods, make a seperate unit that is a small portable art system with more storage. i bought the dsxl just to do the art academys on a larger screen. yes, i downloaded art academy 4 times.



egrane commented on Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.:

i live in l.a. i HAVE to get this one, just to see how accurate the "landmarks" are. will they have the crazy guy that dances all day long on robertson? or the melange of punk, run-aways, real and poser homeless on holly wood blvd? or the disabled guy that polishes the sidewalk stars? little skulls for where celebrities bit the dust? mmm...



egrane commented on Flips: Terror in Cubicle Four:

i would recommend this for older dsx ll users, to download and have handy for a rainy day or a bed time story for the grandkids. i like the artwork.