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United Kingdom

Wed 1st Jul 2009

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will_dsi commented on Review: Pop Plus: Solo (DSiWare):

Putting my previous comment aside (on the game information page, not the review).
I might delete a game for this.
I Loved the wii one.
But first i will need more points...



will_dsi commented on Pop Plus: Solo:

I am not going to buy this although it looks good.
I only have 10 blocks left on my DSi and i had to delete 4 apps/games to make room for flipnote studio.

Pop+ solo looks amazing though.
I loved the first one that was on the Wii.



will_dsi commented on Swords & Soldiers:

I found this game repetitive and it does get boring very quick.
But there is no denying that this is a good game.
there has been allot worse WiiWare Games.



will_dsi commented on Asphalt 4: Elite Racing:

I was wondering...
I have Mario Kart DS (Great game by the way) I have also read the review and I still do not know if I should waste my 800 Nintendo Points...

Can anybody help?