Topic: What were your favorite memories with your Wii?

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Nintenbro wrote:

Xenoblade Chronicles

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Playing Wii Sports Tennis with my mate for literally hours. I'd go to his place - he had a couple of beast PCs networked, and plenty of awesome games - but we'd find ourselves in front of the TV playing only tennis. We were always super competitive and my arm would be amazingly sore the next day. Totally worth it though!

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Playing Wii Sports bowling with friends and family, and my Uncle setting up my Wii for the internet.

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Selling it for store credit so I could buy cool 3DS games

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Discovering all the new characters and stages in super smash bros brawl.

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Playing Monster Hunter Tri with my peeps.

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Opening it up and realizing how pretty it looked. I almost cried!

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Demonbaby wrote:

Opening it up and realizing how pretty it looked. I almost cried!

This is such a lame answer. (But it's true. I did the same thing. Beautiful box design.)


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Playing the best game on Wii,The Last Story was my favourite moment.

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Well my first memory is one of my best. The Wii seemed so special at first when I got it for Christmas in 2007. Getting Brawl at midnight was pretty amazing.

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Playing Metroid Other M and realizing my opinion doesn't always follow the review scores (I LOVED IT)

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My Jaw dropped when I fired up Xenoblade for the First time. I played my first 6 hour marathon session of gaming in years and hadn't done that on the Wii ever. On that Note I have played Monster Hunter for about a 3 hour session but never a huge Marathon session like Xenoblade just awesome and the best RPG experience for me in 30 years of gaming. Yeah im old LOL

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As I experienced my first night at Colony 9 in Xenoblade Chronicles, with that beautiful music playing alongside the scope and detail of the region, I knew that the game would be stuffed with my favorite gaming memories not just on the Wii but ever. That feeling has held true, and Xenoblade has become my most played Wii game and one of my favorite games of all time. I simply don't know how Monolift Soft did it, but they made a experience that felt like the developers loved what they created and it shows every sitting. It is the only Wii game I feel that mastered the hardware as well, providing beautiful expansive environments complete with compelling ecosystems and enchanting atmospheres.

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the last story and beating everyone i raced in sega all star racing and mario kart wii and SSBB



And my worst memory is, realizing I didn't import from Japan, and have no way of transferring my entire VC library to a Japanese WiiU xD

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Finally beating Skyward Sword, I jumped for joy. Literally shouting "YUS!"

It was 3 a.m.

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Playing Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

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Beating the Subspace Emissary (SSBB) in one sitting with my best friend.

Buying Super Mario Galaxy. The store was all out, and others were leaving in dissapointment, & then I noticed a copy had fallen off it's place on the shelf (or was purposefully hidden) right behind the cases of some other game. So no one else would notice it, I just quietly pointed it out to the cashier, and I left the store a very happy person


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Best memory was going to the midnight premiere for Brawl. It was so incredible on day one. Just tracking a game for like 2 years and finally being able to play it, aw man!
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