Topic: What were your favorite memories with your Wii?

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The "Retro Revolution!" I spent hours with DKCR, NSMBWii, Rayman Origins, BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, the virtual console, Tetris, Dr. Mario, and more. Come for the new thing, stay for the old things.

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The Super Mario Galaxy games, hands down. They are (as well as Portal 2) my favourite video games of all time!

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Really my favorite memories branched off from mostly when i found this site and band together with some of the coolest peeps off this site. Fun times indeed. Thanks NL we go hard always.

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1. The entire G4 E3 converage in 2006. Thing is, I had no internet for most of 2006, so my mind was blown by all of this stuff suddenly happening. Like I quickly hear "oh there's Super Mario Galaxy" and they show footage for a second and I lose my mind. Honestly, that coverage alone is like the last great thing I remember from G4, it was awesome.
2. Playing old games I missed or always wanted to play. Seriously, the last Kirby platformer I never played (DL3) and the somewhat shockingly fun Dream Couse, Super Mario RPG, Castlevanias 1-4, Ristar, Breath of Fire 2, DKC2, Sin and Punishment, Bonk's Adventure.
3. Mario Galaxy 1. How is that a 17 year old can feel so old? When a new game is the first game in a while to make them feel like a kid again.
4. The better games in 2009 and 2010 getting me interested in gaming when I was losing interest for the first time in my life (although certain other games on DS and 360 helped too). Now granted, the complete lack of success and the logical immediate death of remotely consistent worthwhile titles being released after 2010 completely ruined that and made me forever (mostly) cynical of gamers, but hey at least there was...
5. Xenoblade Chronicles. This game made everything worth it. It gave me hope that the genre has hope and that Nintendo can listen to fans and that fans can actually put effort into games they care about instead of bawwing on internet forums forever and was a hardcore Wii title in 2012 that sold half-way decently. This game is nothing but good.

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Playing some brilliant Wii exclusive titles.

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