Topic: What were your favorite memories with your Wii?

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Playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Red Steel multiplayer with my buddies and playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports with my family. For singleplayes experiences though, Zelda Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy 1/2, No More Heroes 1/2 and the Metroid Prime Trilogy definitely takes the price

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The whole of 2010,when there was bucket loads of brilliant Wii titles.
Also playing the brilliant Last Story.

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1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Animal Crossing online with friends
3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl matches for hours, all night with friends
4. Finishing Skyward Sword
5. Mario Kart Wii online races
6. Rhythm Heaven Fever craziness
7. Wario Ware Smooth Moves with my friend
8. Connecting my DS to Pokemon Battle Revolution for the first time
9. Making Mii's
10. Playing Wii Sports for the first time on Christmas day

No specific order, except the bold ones are my favorite moments.

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Virtual Console titles were very memorable, obviously Chrono Trigger is on the top of that list, my now favorite game of all time. I loved playing Super Mario Galaxy on lazy Sunday afternoons. I also liked how Twilight Princess was my introduction to a console. I am playing Xenoblade right now and getting near the end. Xenoblade will probably be up there too.

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super smash bros brawl to me the best in the series mario kart wii zelda skyward sword xenoblade i forgot to get last story but ima get it soon idk when and hacking my wii with the homebrew channel was awsome



@mieu-fire, so you think hacking your Wii console was cool, huh? Well, I hope you don't care about being able to transfer any of your software onto the WiiU. You'll lose every downloadable game you have, whenever your Wii console dies. Nintendo won't repair any console which has been hacked. It's consumers like yourself who destroyed the potential of the WiiShop.

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Oh snapz. Things just got real.

Completely agree with you @Nintenbro though.

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I don't agree. My Wii is hacked, and I don't regret it. I don't pirate, I use it for homebrew, media players, and backups. Don't assume.


1. Playing Wii Sports for the first time
2. Playing WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the first time
3. Hacking my console (for non-piracy reasons, in case you were wondering)
4. Using the Everybody Votes Channel for the first time, and actually enjoying it for reasons I don't know
5. Buying my first WW title

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Twilight Princess has to be the best for me. I didn't really like motion control much till I played it. - Dayman
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Oh the fond memories.

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All the great games, plus all the new old games I got on Virtual Console, and all the times I had with friends playing the games and collecting them.

I also remember how my dad and brother stood outside in the rain for hours for it, and all the matches I've played on MKW online.

I lost a lot of stuff when this particular one died due to a tiny, stupid mistake on my part, but I got alot of it back now, and I have the means to get back everything else.

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Its one of the best home video game console for home .I have a lot of favorite memories with my Wii and my most favorite memories when i was played first time to this games.

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I love my Wii intact I have over 150 games for it highlights for me
The galaxy games, dead space, xenoblade. A shadows tale (really needs more love it's a fantastic game)
Metroid trilogy Wii editions, there are so many great games. U just need to wade through some utter crap to find them sometimes

My Wii collection

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Definitely playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and Wii Sports with friends and family.

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Actually I forgot to add this. My family used to have Wii bowling nights back when I first had my Wii. Now I'm almost the only person who uses it anymore, the only exception being my older sister who watches Netflix on it, and I don't think that counts. I miss those bowling nights...


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2008 & 2009

The funny thing with me, is that i'm usually all over a new console during it's first 2 years, than i gradually drift away during the mid point then it totaly kicks me back during the end of it's run.

The breaking news surrounding Mega Man 9 and the hype train that followed was one of the most memorable moments for me. Gradually finding out
who and what the robot masters names were and listening to Splash woman's chip tunes for the first time. Games that made a big impact on me >

Wario Land Shake it!, Metroid Prime 3, Klonoa, Elebits, Super Paper Mario, Zack & Wiki ect ect. I've still got a dozen or so supposably 'amazing' wii games to play including SkywardSword, Galaxy 2, DKCR and the like so i've barely scracthed the Wii's funky surface. Great times though, never had i had so much fun gaming since the SNES days. NES > SNES > Wii > screw the rest.

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-Diving into Twilight Princess the night I took my Wii home.
-Becoming the king of baseball and bowling in Wii Sports - then promptly watching my mother shatter all of my bowling records.
-The first time the music swelled in Good Egg Galaxy.
-Virtual Console spending binges the first year or so after I bought my Wii - my backlog still hasn't totally recovered.
-Playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and New Super Mario Bros. Wii with friends and relatives (they really didn't pull their own weight on the latter)
-This happening. Really, a lot of the weird, wonderful, dark things that happened in that game stand out.
-Dying over and over and over and over again in some of the K levels in DKCR, but never quitting until I finally tasted sweet, sweet victory (there were at least two stages where I must've died at least 50 times).

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-Starting up Twilight Princess and running around in the forest.
-Holding a brand new release Brawl
-Finishing the perfect run on Super Mario Galaxy 2
-Winning at Mario Party 2
-Finding out that I could play Gamecube games on my wii, with gamecube controller aswell

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One that springs instantly to mind: First getting my Wii, thinking Wii Sports was the most fun I'd had with anything in ages, and inviting all my friends around. We ended up calling in sick for work the next day because we all had legitimate muscle aches from playing Bowling for 7 hours straight.

Also, getting Twilight Princess was a huge highlight for me also.

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