Topic: Do you throw away your game boxes?

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I ask this because of all the games in Game Stop that have a Game Stop made box. It seems weird to me to throw away the case for a Wii game since it's a perfect place to store it, and even weirder to throw away DS boxes since the carts are so small it's easy to lose them. I guess some people might want to put their DS games in some storage book to take with them as carrying more than a few game boxes could be too much.

When I was younger I (or maybe my mom I don't remember) threw away all the cardboard NES - N64 game boxes because they were cardboard and would get all beat up over time. I did keep the Genesis boxes that were plastic though.



Nah the kids just lose the cases most the time.



I used to throw away my SNES boxes, but since the days of N64, I haven't thrown any of them away, and I always try to keep everything in perfect shape. I refuse to buy a game that doesn't have a box and insert, and I'm hesitant to buy games without manuals. Even then, they all have to be in great shape.

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I save them now, but I usually put them in a box in the basement. They take up way too much space.

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The NGC/Wii DVD and DS cases? Unless I want to risk in breaking/scratching the disks or losing the cartridges, then of course not. Though, when I used to own the SNES and GBC/A, I would throw away the cardboard boxes away thinking they were useless. Now I regret that, especially since they are now rare and valuable.


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No way! It makes me feel complete inside and also if Im paying 50 bucks for something I kinda want to keep it nice XD

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if the boxes are made out of plastic i feel weird throwing them away. They feel more valuable then those cardboard boxes that i throw away

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The only ones i threw away were the cardboard boxes of the GBA and b4 boxes, but I dont see why ud throw away a GCN and up box, there plastic and hold up much better then the cardboard ones.

also I keep my cardboard wii and DS boxes now. So i think it was just my age on why I threw a way the older ones

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No, where else would I store my games?

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I didn't keep myGB, GBC, GBA, N64 boxesbut thats because theyre very easily flattened anyway. I think it'd be silly to throw anything else away. It increases its resale value and the likely lifetime of the software if it has its nice safe home.

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I wanna give to Gamestop, but those cheap barstewards don't want my charity

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I've wondered the same thing about why the boxes are all stock for their used games. I don't see why people would throw them away these days. As gamers we're more educated and realize that a rare game with the box and manual can make the price skyrocket.



As soon as the game's warranty runs out I torch the cardboard box. I don't recycle game boxes for fear of some creep reselling them, and I can't keep them around my house because it would ruin the Feng Shui (That's also why I can't buy a red Wii, it would be hell on my creativity gua). my pants.


Disk games keep their boxes. I've still got all the boxes for DS games, but I'm considering getting rid of them or putting them in the loft. They take too much room and I've got plenty of places to store the carts and instruction books.


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I blow them up. Sometimes I forget to take the game out.

I'm kinda like that.

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The reason that Gamestop have so many games with Gamestop boxes is cause most of those games are stolen games. Thieves target stores like Wal Mart, BestBuy, Toys R Us etc and steal the games right out of the cases. They than take the caseless games into Gamestop for cash or for store credit for other games. Personally thats why I dont shop at Gamestop I personally think that they should have a no box no cash/credit rule. YOu know that a caseless game is just trouble any serious gamer keeps their boxes.

As far as the boxes go yes I have kept all my video game boxes, whether they were the NES cardboard boxes, the PS jewel case boxes, or the DVD type boxes. If I own the game then I have the box most likely in my storage shed but I have them.

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Tasuki wrote:

The reason that Gamestop have so many games with Gamestop boxes is cause most of those games are stolen games

...or they could be gamers that just keep their games in a cd/dvd wallet to save space. I can recall on many an occasion having customers who traded in games like that, I don't believe they were thieves. Its not fair to use a blanket statement that games traded in at places such as Gamestop without cases are stolen. There's just no way MOST of those games are stolen, some maybe. Some people just view the cases as packaging and throw it away, they're not necessarily thieves. People that go into a game store with multiple, brand new, sealed games though...that want cash...that's a different story.

Anyways...I'd save so much more space if I simply didn't care and threw away all the cases for games I own. I wouldn't need to dedicate a room to my games if I did, but I would never be able to bring myself to get rid of my cases and manuals. I have cases and manuals for every game I've purchased since the tail end of the SNES days.

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Tasuki... Dude you can't just make those kinds of allegations. If that is common enough knowledge that you know about it, then the assumption is that Gamestop would also know this happened, and you have therefore just accused Gamestop of knowingly selling stolen games, and therefore being a criminal organization.

Or you are making it up.

Or you yourself steal games yourself and selling hem to Gamestop, or know someone who is and therefore should be arrested/ reporting people to the police.

So which is it?


@Sykotek: True, you are right that was wrong of me, but I am just relating what I know. I use to work two doors down from a Gamestop and was pretty good friends with their manager and that was the deal at their store, Almost every single person that trade in a game with no case wanted cash and most of the time didnt even know what system the game was on. But yeah it was wrong of me to say that all Gamestops are like that, but I do know thats a big problem with those places.

Heck I remember I bought a brand new sealed copy of Super Street Fighter 4 only to get it home and discover a CD RW in the case. Upon taking it back to BestBuy the manager told me that several copies of SSF IV had that same problem.

But yeah I apologize for the above statement I didnt mean to make it sound as harsh as it was.

@WaltzElf. No I am not making it up nor have I ever stolen a video game or known anyone who did, The reason I know how the thieves do it is cause when I worked at a retail store in the electronics department we were told what to look out for, and how the thieves did manage to steal the game.

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@Tasuki: You don't need to apologize, I was only pointing out that your statement wasn't entirely factual.

Its true, it does happen, people steal and its easy to unload their merchandise at a Gamestop for the most part due to the lack of training and apathy most lower level associates have towards their jobs. I remember being transferred to a new store in a bad area many years back and there were these 2 customers that would always come in with brand new sealed games, stacks of them and trade them in. We knew they were stealing, they worked at the Fed-Ex sorting facility and would kick in the sides of boxes and jack our companies games while on their shifts at work.

My manager at the time wanted to boost her numbers, so she told us to accept it and not question it. I was younger then, so just listened to her, kept my mouth shut and did my job. We got fed up that our drawers would always be cleaned out by them, so we contacted corporate about it from what I remember. She was a horrible manager anyways and got transferred and eventually fired because she couldn't pull her numbers elsewhere, totally unrelated to the trade in scandal, but I digress.

Anyways, my point is, people that want to steal will steal, mostly they'll do it in ways such as taking the entire package or just the disc. What happened to you at Best Buy, that was likely a customer that got one (or several) over on them while returning games or it was internal (I'm betting internal due to me knowing they have a shrinkwrap in the back room and why else would you want something that sounds like a disc inside the package).

You're right, theft and trade in of stolen merchandise is a problem, but for the most part can easily be solved if the retailer or your manager friend accepting trade ins wants to stop it. Chances are, they won't because that's money out of their pockets when its all said and done, its easier to look the other way when lack of trades will end up affecting your business and your pay. /rant

Back on topic. I won't even buy games if the packaging is messed up, that's how much I care about packaging.

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