Topic: Do you throw away your game boxes?

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I don't throw away the plastic boxes, definitely not. However, I did unfortunately throw away the cardboard ones back when SNES/Nintendo 64 and Game Boy/Game Boy Advance games came in them. Kind of wish I didn't now.

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I've held on to the boxes for things since I was, I guess, in my early teens - I've always had a bit of a collector's streak in me, and I like to keep my possessions in as good a shape as possible.

I've still got the boxes and (most of) the inserts for every game I've ever bought. I remember being terribly upset when I lost the instruction manual for F-Zero, but apart from those posters you used to get in SNES games advertising other ones, I think I've kept all my games complete.

I don't really think of it in terms of money, since I don't plan on selling my games - I just like the idea of having them in complete condition. However, I guess it'll pay off if our kids inherit my games and decide to sell them...

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Last night I threw away my KIU and Pokemon HG cardboard boxes

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I know a lot of people that do this, and it just boggles my mind. Why would you throw away the case, even if you have something smaller to put it in. I always keep them. And they DS carts I usually put in my DS case with my DS, but when I'm at home I put them back in their respective cases.

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I keep every single box, always have since my mum threw out some of my old gameboy boxes 11+ years ago. It made me realise that these things could be valuable in the future, even DS games could be, so I have still got about 10 old gameboy boxes, but ever since then I have pretty much all boxed games, except for games I pick up at the local pawn shop, I don't worry, i might eventually put those all in some plastic sleeves....
I own quite a few systems, starting from my Gameboy pocket, all the way to my 3DS. I may not be a long time collector of 20+ years, but I am one dedicated SOB and though I may not have EVERY single box, for EVERY single game I own, the only ones that do not were, as I said, bought at a pawn shop or given to me by family or friends.
The only systems that I have boxed though are my Original Gameboys x2, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo Wii, Sega Mega Drive (don't ask, it's in pretty beat up condition, but I was lucky to get it in it's original box), Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

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Well for my console games, the cases are homes for our disks, but for my handhelds, I have a case in which I put all my games in, so I have a HUGE pile of empty DS game cases. Lying around somewhere.

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No, I keep pretty much keep any game case/packaging that i get my hands on, but I don't go out of my way to buy cases for loose games I buy used.

@PoshSnivey I have a similar storage solution.

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HECK NO. i love my boxes! they're just part of the wonders of collecting! i don't know why everyone else does it. whenever i need to buy an old game online (used for obvious reasons), the box is always not included, even with the newer plastic boxes! whenever i do find a box though, it's priced a lot higher than other sellers' prices.


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No way. Majority of my NES and SNES games have their boxes and I would never throw away a case.

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No way!Who would do such an evil thing?You don't know if Skyward Sword can be as valuable as some of the old Pokemon games on Amazon some day.I'm really serious about collecting.

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I don't although my girlfriend has the urge to throw all of them away with my box of comic books. Like we have had discussions about it almost every time I buy a new one.

Soo yeah if I get married(to her) someday I guess i'll have to get rid of the game cases or sell the games, I rather sell em'

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I lost all my game cards and even my DS itself! This is outrageous!
No, I do not throw them away. It keeps the disc from being scratched and unplayable. Though I maybe just a kid, I do my very best to keep good care of stuff. (Next time, I get a game card, I'll make sure to get a vault that is made out of war tank metal along with a far complex , and I mean FAR complex combination)



I keep all of 'em. I don't really use my 3DS ones, but still I don't think I could throw them away. One reason I always buy new is to be sure the packaging isn't damaged.

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Nope. I make a fort out of them. Then when I'm bored of the fort, I pretend I'm a giant monster and destroy it.

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