Topic: ZombiU 2 prototype has begun, Ubisoft dev confirms

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ZombiU 2 is being prototyped as you read this, according to Ubisoft Montpelier’s creative director Jean-Philippe Caro.


OMG.... A sequel.

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Bono confirmed in this one



quite excited for this, if they fix all the flaws of the first game they really could be on to a winner.

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put it on.


SWEET! I remember seeing an interview where somebody that worked on the first game said that they'd a) Like to make a franchise out of Zombi U (it was asked if there was any connection to Ubisoft's game from the 80's, Zombi, and they said that they didn't intend for things to turn out that way, but would go with it if it meant making a franchise out of ZombiU), and b) Want to include more melee weapons in the next game, if it is released (something was said about using a halberd).

I for one would love to see a new Zombi U game, especially if it included multiple melee weapons. Guns are fine and dandy, but nothing quite shouts "zombie apocalypse" quite like embedding a hatchet in the skulls of the undead.



Brilliant news,Zombi U was definitely a great game,but it did have many flaws,if Ubisoft fixes the flaws and make the setting just as interesting as London.Ubisoft could be onto a classic on their hands.

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I was wondering what they'd call the sequel. ZombiU2? Would the band mind? Zombi2 has a nice ring to it. What about ZombiUU? Or Zombi2U? Or 2Zombi4U? Okay, disregard that last one, I'm just confusing myself now.



Id guess at a subtitle. Like Zombi U : Returns, or something equally as naff

Anyway. I'd love the game to ditch the story and become an open world survival (score attack) game. One life, no ending. How long can you survive?




I'd actually really approve of this. I'm not sure if I would get it because permadeath for characters I don't care about in a zombie story...eeeeeh. I might have to get back to the game again (not like I can afford any new games right now anyway). But it was a cool, semi-minimalist but still interesting zombie game thing if you're into that sort of thing.

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The way I see it. ZombiU2 makes sense for a final Wii U game, You know, with the whole Wii U gloom and doom, last Nintendo home console EVER predictions and all that business. Besides, the Wii U already had it's funeral.

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The could goes according to the city where the events are happend, like:

Zombie U: Paris or New York.

They didn't talk about a "sequel", so it could be a precuel maybe.



What I'd like to see is Red Steel 2: Non buggy and enemy variety edition...........

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I really hope they are making a ZombiU2, for me ZombiU was a true survival horror game unlike Resi6. I also liked what they did with leaving messages of other plays, like Dark Souls. And you would bump into real plays dead characters, with load of extra loot for you sometimes. I also thought the leaderboards was a great idea too, it's competitive without multiplayer, I would definitely buy a ZombiU2.



I loved zombiU as well. A couple a tweaks here and there and this game could really be something special. More locations, weapons, and graphics ala need for speed most wanted wii u edition would be awesomely awesome.



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