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Did the OP say he played Tank! Tank! Tank! as well?
If so, wotsit-like?
Looks like fun but can't get any sense of depth of the game, which the RRP suggests that there should be.


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There was a Wii U at my mall, I try it for a bit, all they had playing was Rayman, so couldn't tell if this, is all the Wii U can do.
Other then that, it felt like I was playing two Wiis duct tape together.

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Other then that, it felt like I was playing two Wiis duct tape together.

Old comment never gets old.

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Sunday I'll tell you my thoughts since Rayman was a terrible first game forme to experience, (not that Rayman was awful, just not my type of game)
Rayman is too weird for me

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I have to say that I am a bit surprised the demo stations still only have Rayman. It's less than a week until launch and the general public hasn't gotten to try one of the launch games.

Perhaps they do know what they're doing though, I just am more anxious for launch so I can play Nintendo Land and NSMBU, but I feel like they're teasing me. Well, I suppose it's just a few more days to wait.

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I went to my local Gamestop to try it out. I really wish Nintendo Land was a playable demo instead of Rayman Legends. But I HAVE played Tank! Tank! Tank! in its original arcade form. There's Battle (Royale?) and Bosses mode only in the arcade one. I don't know if its a straight port, but if it is, it does NOT have enough content to be bought at a 60 dollar price range. There is move and shoot, the only two needed buttons. You can run over power ups, bubble gun, big bomb, machine guns. Bosses is like a big skyscraper dude, a kraken, and bees. (also a dragon that ive never played.)

Again, needs more content to be a full priced game.

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I finally found a Wii U demo station near me, and it had no game demos! All I could do was scroll through a game list to watch game play videos. I did get a nice feel of the gamepad itself, but I was looking forward to actually playing something.


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After one a half month wait, My Deluxe Set Wii U has finally arrived at my doorstep. I unboxed it, hooked it up, powered it up, updated it, and played it for about 1 hour. Here are my pros and cons about it:

1- Gamepad feels light and fantastic.
2- NintendoLand makes a great showcase of the Wii U Gamepad.
3- Internet Browser is the best I have ever seen on any video gaming console.
4- Miiverse is Nintendo Wii U's true killer app.
5- Nintendo eShop is easy to navigate.
6- No more Friend Code thingy (Thanks, Nintendo).
7- TV remote feature is handy.
8- Nintendo in HD.
9- Off-TV feature is great.

1- The Wii U Operating System is sluggish.
2- The Gamepad battery life is disappointing.
3- Except Wii U exclusives, games are not fully utilizing Wii U hardware.
4- Wii games won't run directly from Wii U menu.
5- Need to buy external HDD after running out of memory.
6- Not all Retail games are downloadable.

Overall: this is truly an amazing Nintendo console, and it's also the true start of the 8th Generation of Video Gaming. Get Deluxe set if you have enough money, for a value, you will get items that seperately costs about $100 US combined.

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1. I have to agree I thought the pad was going to be alot heavier but when I first tried it I was amazed too how light it was.
2. Probably the best pack in game since Super Mario World IMO.
3. Haven't tried it yet
4. Its ok. I dont see alot of the problems that people talk about.
5. Agree
6. Agree
7. Yeah that was a nice feature for me especially since my tv remote is busted.
8. Now I got a reason to play my Nintendo system more than my Xbox
9. Its especially nice when I want to play something on the Xbox and my son wants to play something on Wii U or vice verse.

1. Doesnt bother me, it could be a bit faster but its not as bad as people say
2. People say that but I dont know doesnt seem so short to me
3. Honestly except for Nintendoland and a few demos I haven't played too many Wii U games
4. Kinda annoying yes but it was the same with GC games on the Wii so I can deal with the Wii U.
5. How much memory does a Wii U game take if you buy it digitally?
6. Not a big deal for me since I prefer physical copies but honestly in this day and age they should offer all games both physical and digital versions.

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5. How much memory does a Wii U game take if you buy it digitally?

Depends on the game. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition takes about 17GB, and Assassin's creed III takes about 18GB. Games like New Super Mario Bros. U takes about 1.5GB, and NintendoLand takes about 3GB.

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I've had my deluxe Wii U for about a week now, it's freaking amazing! Nintendo Land is fun with a bunch of friends, I've even had a blast playing the co-op pikmin one with only my brother!

I also got AC3 which is amazing. I am not even joking when I say I played the game for 8 hours a day for 3 days until I beat it... freaking amazing game, get it now.

Haven't really had a problem with the battery life, since I just put it in the cradle whenever I'm not using. I also love watching YouTube on the gamepad with the TV off.

Miiverse/Nintendo Network is awesome! It's nice to see Nintendo with a proper online service, which I honestly think is better than Xbox Live because it's free, and has most of it's features.

Netflix also runs good, and TVii is awesome!

Overall, Nintendo knocked it out of the park with this. Hopefully they have even more great games in the future to compete with sony's and Microsoft's next console.



Overall I'm happy with what I played so far, it's all a bit expensive and I'm playing mostly eShop games now but there's plenty of choices out there and I know the best things are still to come.
Still two letdowns. is the handling of VC and WW games (they're treated totally wrong). and of course too frequent freezes (not normal for a Nintendo system - maybe I have to send in my Wii U?!).


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