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Did anybody seriously expect more from this Nintendo Direct? It was supposed to show off upcoming games for spring and summer. Of course they didn't pull out any big surprises here. The goodies are coming up in the Nintendo Direct that's close to E3.



KeeperBvK wrote:

Did anybody seriously expect more from this Nintendo Direct? It was supposed to show off upcoming games for spring and summer. Of course they didn't pull out any big surprises here. The goodies are coming up in the Nintendo Direct that's close to E3.

Yeah! your probably right, can't argue with you, I suppose it's just there's always a little hope that a surprise may pop up in a Nintendo Direct, especially as it was the first proper "Wii U" one for a little while, but I guess we will have to wait a little longer for the big hitter's like Mario Kart U etc.



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It was awesome Nintendo and sega have a new partnership maybe in the future total war will come to the wii u exclusively who knows! Europe/Australia get pikmin 3 before the usa awesome hahaha! and I can't wait for new super luigi u what did you like and what did you want to see I personally wish they showed more of Zelda windwaker hd remake or a 3d Mario but they're probably saving the big guns for e3 glad to know pikmin 3's release date though!

Two words spring to mind for me "very disappointing" just none of the games I wanted to hear about were mentioned, Mario U (3D), Mario Kart U, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi etc.

Also still not a single thing said about GameCube games coming to VC.

Finally while the 3DS is getting a brand new Mario Golf, the Wii U gets a crappy Winter Sports game, very poor.

This is my honest opinion, sorry!

That's what happens when you get your expectations too high. Again, they're saving all the big juicy stuff for E3, which is why this particular Direct was rather lackluster.

As for me, I got tons of Pikmin 3 eye candy to oogle at, so I'm satisfied. Sucks that we Americans get it last though.

Yeah it's only 8 days later but that's a lot! when you think about it because pikmin 3 is the only real new game that's coming out and it's still 2 month away! but USA normally get games first so it was just nice that for once Australia and Europe got it before them not that it matters to much but as I said it kind of does an extra 8 days feels like an extra month when you anticipate this game so much and no new games are being released but pikmin 3!

Yeah...thanks for rubbing it in (intended or not).

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I was expecting to see more details about W101, Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, Luigi U. I was hoping for a taste of footage from Mario Kart U/3D Mario and maybe something small announced like a Mario Sports title for Wii U. So 90% there.

.......... if Mario & Sonic counts

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Bring on ND E3 edition! I need my MK 8 footage. Sweet if a track is playable at best buy!



I wasn't disappointed. I liked the announcements, even though it wasn't Mario.

You guys were expecting the giant ones right before E3? Um, okay.

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Haaaave fun.


I was kinda disappointed by this Direct. IMO it wasn't as good as the last one and really the only thing that interested me was that New Super Luigi U can be bought in a package now, Of course I expected as much being this close to E3.

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Mean Bean Machine on 3DS. That's enough for me. I'll just keep waiting on GBA games hopefully. Maybe there's a chance with TG-16 looking dead in the water. Needs a replacement.

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I didn't have any expectations and I'm glad really. Not much for me beyond release dates but the Sonic partnership will definitely help Nintendo.



I think that was the first Nintendo Direct I watched in a year.
So it seemed pretty good to me haha. I can't wait for those 2 Zelda GBC games to come out and RE Revelations on Wii U is looking really good!

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I loved the Pikmin 3 coverage. Kind of took me by surprise too, as I wasn't expecting much from it.

Nothing else really caught my eye. But hey, it's probably the last ND before the E3 stuff gets under way so I didn't expect much else. Sonic Lost World, though... I've got my fingers crossed that it's a 3D platformer. I'm doubtful, very doubtful - but even so, you never know...


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I went into watching this Nintendo Direct expecting to be disappointed because I didn't think they would announce any new games/features at all, considering they said beforehand that they would only be talking about spring/summer releases. The fact that they announced the two sega titles and a good amount of Game Gears, to me, was satisfying enough. Shining Force 2 will be a definite purchase for me.

Also a few of the new Pikmin features were actually a relief and I was happy to hear about them. Certain things I wish had been in the old Pikmin games are now being implemented in the new one. Glad to see it.

Now.. if the Nintendo Direct and E3 have lame announcements and previews, well then I'll be disappointed.

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I thought it was great. I expected some news but got plenty... A exclusive deal on the Sonic-franchise with Sonic Lost World beginning their collobration, the new Mario and Sonic at the Olympics looked fun - the snowboarding reminded me a lot about 1080 Snowboarding.
Definetely glad that New Super Luigi U will be released in retail as well since i prefer physical games.

Hopefully the Yakuza I & II HD will hit Europe as well. I know it has been Japan-exclusive on the PS3 for quite some time as well but somehow i think the Wii U-version has a bigger chance of happening over here.

Good to see dates for Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 as well, especially since we are getting Pikmin 3 already in July!



It was exactly what I expected. More talking about previously announced titles and release dates (Wonderful 101 September 15th ) I am interested by Sonic Lost World but am waiting for gameplay due to recent Sonic Games.

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That's cool about the Sega and Nintendo partnership for three games. Since I'm a collector I will most likely get the physical copy of Luigi U. Outside of that no biggie but I wasn't expecting much for this round because of the upcoming June E3 Direct.

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I know they want to save their big announcements for E3, but I think it would have been smart so show off something here. At E3, you'll have a ton of game reveals for Sony and MS consoles, and there's danger of 'New Mario Kart revealed' or 'New 3D Mario revealed' getting a bit pushed to the side in a lot of video game news media.

Today they could have shown off Mario Kart and got people excited. Who's going to buy a Wii U this month? In April there were some big releases, and it only sold 40k. Now there's the added bad news of a bunch of huge titles not being in development for Wii U, so sales are only going to get worse during May and the first half of June. A bit of positive Wii U news would have just been nice.



skywake wrote:

I was expecting to see more details about…Pikmin 3…

What!? More. They gave us over seven minutes on Pikmin 3. I don't think they've talked this much about it since last E3 nearly a year ago.

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Peach64 wrote:

A bit of positive Wii U news would have just been nice.

You don't think the Sonic announcement was a "a bit of positive news?" Sounds like the Internet is getting up in little bit of a tizzy over it.

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