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I like it. It's eye-catching. Of course, maybe I'm just happy to finally see something different from the Wii box art.


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I would just take away the yellow, Also I think I'd have to see an actual box cuz that Wii U logo looks too big.

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mamp wrote:

Also I think I'd have to see an actual box cuz that Wii U logo looks too big.

This might give a better perspective:

Looks great IMO.

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I guess I kind of don't care one way or the other. It's a logo. Nothing special, but nothing awful either.

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Looks like toy packaging or something. Nothing sleek and modern about it. Wii boxart logo looks better. Also yes, it's too big.

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I think the colour is wrong for the banner and just the banner in general is a little bad, i'm not saying copy the PS3/360 boxart, but something a lot more fulfilling, you know?

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i dont like the logo colours at all. Think they will look awful with most cover art.. But that wont stop me from buying them games of course

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excellent I personally love it.
Itll stop anyone with a wii from buying a wii u game of course owing to the seperate banners



Doesn't matter to me I am going Digital.

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Needs more colour.



maybe they should have made the yellow line white, but it's ok


the yellow doesnt fit in there. otherwise it is pretty cool

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