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So I've added a number of "friends" from here and other boards just so that I have some sort of community on Wii U, but I was really surprised when I started having dudes try to video chat with me. Guys I don't know. Are other people getting these too? I always deny them since that's weird, but it really makes me wonder about what Wii U has in store. I imagine Nintendo doesn't regulate that, as it would be a huge privacy concern. What if it becomes like chatroullette? That would be terrible.



The thing is, Nintendo expects you to add friends, people you actually know, to your friendslist, not complete strangers who out of nowhere add you. If you do not feel comfortable chatting with someone via Wii U Chat, then refuse the offer. If that person keeps bothering you to do so, block them or report them.
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Yeah I mean I don't really care; I'm just wondering if a lot of people are experiencing this. And do you accept? If I actually got some girls on this thing, I would be happy to accept the call...



You don't know the guy so there really isn't too much of a use for him to video chat with you. Its kinda weird, and I heard one person was acting innaproriate during Wii U chats in the 007 Legends community.
Its best if you ignore, just in case. I'd prefer you just message these "friends" and vice versa.

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I may have my NNID listed, but I only accept friend invites from those I talk with on a regular basis.


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I'ma know nothin', never done used it.
But yeah... I only accept friend requests from people here that I actually chat to or that ask me. Probably never going to end up using Wii U Chat because I really don't have a use for it. In general, I use my 3DS a lot more and know more people on that so Nintendo Letter Box ended up being more important to me.

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Get naked and accept their invites. That'll show 'em.

Just for you.
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I've seen some guys asking for Wii U chat on EVERY community. When i check their profile it's pretty much the only thing they write. It's a little creepy, honestly...



Won't somebody please think about the children! Nintendo, what have you done?



Why is everyone turning down my webcam request >:[
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Come on over to Pikky's Fun House, jumpy.


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I always accept. They always tell me they have a special surprise waiting for me and i like surprises!



How could you deny my big booty shakin party.

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Serj_Vaykian wrote:

I always accept. They always tell me they have a special surprise waiting for me and i like surprises!

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
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Haha. This is why I don't add anyone to my friend lists. I don't even usually like chatting with people I like over camera chat things. My only friend on Wii U, is me.


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Accept, and try to sell them a bottle of some foot odor eating product, they won't know what hit'em.

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ogo79 wrote:

I would definitely recommend ogo79's video chat requests. It's only like .99 cents a minute.

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Ryno_Choryzo wrote:

ogo79 wrote:

I would definitely recommend ogo79's video chat requests. It's only like .99 cents a minute.

yeah, especially since Reala raised his rates lately, ogo's video-chats are a sweet deal :3
btw check your BL, Ryno :3

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yo Chrono_Cross bro LMAO ty for makeing my day at work go by fast man you got me rolling and some of woman teachers rolling...

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