Topic: Nintendo having problems? They've updated the Wii U's website 3 times in 2 hours.

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They tried to push button B to select a world but it just brought them back to the title screen.

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I think there's been a few problems with all their websites, no big deal.
The UK one was completely broken earlier, and the Australian one updated with launch information just for it to disappear for about an hour and then come back again.


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german site had some problems, too, due to too many visitors i guess. a few pictures and buttons didnt load completly

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I mean, first all the videos were updated and nothing on the main site. Then the background was black and the main site had a link. Now it has the E3 videos again. It also says that the big announcement is tomorrow.

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give it a break they putted an awesome conference 100x better then the apple one haha + way better then their e3

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I dont think a few web troubles are enough to warrant a thread discussing the problems Nintendo are having. -.-

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Just relax, they're probably having to deal with mad hits thanks to their conferences and the streams they've got up for display. I'm sure it'll calm down and go back to normal once the rush is over :3

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