Topic: Lets be honest; Zelda's Story sucks

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Skyward Sword
Majora Mask
Link's Awakening
Wind Waker

^ Off the top of my head with a good storyline.

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Also, why is this in the Wii U section?

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I love the LoZ story. It's one of the closest things to a mythology that my generation has (I was born in '86, the year of the first game). It has a creation myth, a great flood myth, virtues, themes of the persistent battle against evil and temptation, reflection on the concepts of time, death, and more. If you play all the games and pay attention to what they're saying beyond the "save the princess" story, I think it's pretty deep. Reading stuff like Hyrule Historia is also helpful, of course.

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kokirii wrote:

I love the LoZ story. It's one of the closest things to a mythology that my generation has

well that and mainstream superhero comics/their film adaptations

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Suicune wrote:

Also, why is this in the Wii U section?

i put it here because people, myself included, are looking greatly forward to the next Zelda U game.

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The stories themselves in Zelda games aren't really that interesting, no. The storytelling is quite good on the other hand.

The story of most Zelda games aren't really comparable to Xenoblade for example, but then again, very few stories in games are.



I don't have a lot of room to talk from experience. I've only just recently had a run at my first Zelda experience (Wind Waker HD), and I haven't even finished it yet (I'm damn close though . However since this thread is based on opinion, it is my own opinion that the Zelda Story was great. If you are only counting the written story as the story, then it was basic as many have said. However your imagination kind of fills in a ton of the blanks with Zelda.

It's really hard to say one way or another. The storyline in the game greatly helps progress the gameplay and like wise the gameplay really pushes you toward wanting more of the storyline. In this respect the story does it's job to encourage you to play.

Conclusion: Zelda Wind Waker Story is not a New York Times Best Seller. But you could probably write a Best Seller using elements from the games story. Zelda Story 2 Thumbs Up.



I get what you mean. Most times I just play to explore and soak it in anyway. Seems like the older I get the less interested I become in dialogue.



I think Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, Link's Awakening and Wind Waker had some really decent stories, I mean they aren't going to win any awards for best story, but they're pretty good for video games. I do see where you guys are coming from. I almost see Zelda as a fairy tale. All the classic archetypes are in the games. What is Zelda? It's a whimsical adventure where you go off on a quest to cast down evil and you meet some eccentric characters along the way. No questions asked. It makes you feel heroic. Though the characters do not have voices, they can convey emotion because the player uses their imagination to give the characters voice.... almost like a storybook.

In Nintendo games across the board it's always been "gameplay first, story second", and it has worked beautifully thus so far. When was the last time you played Mario for the story?
I think the only time I've been very attached to a story in a video game was during the Mass Effect trilogy.... but you could argue that those games were "story first, gameplay second".




This Zelda had a pretty good story.

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Zelda games are like adult movies; you don't play for the story, because evertyhing else is great.

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I think the Zelda stories are great, when you consider the target audience. Nintendo targets towards all ages as to keep the stories simple and innocent yet fun. Sometimes I don't want to play a complex driven story, I want something that's fun and that's what the Zelda games present to me.




FutureAlphaMale wrote:

Now that I actually think of it, I have no problem reciting off the basic plot points of films I've seen and describing their narratives, but I can't do the same for a Zelda game.

Well, there's this:

You can argue that he's reading too much into the story, but you don't see people doing this with Mario.

He also has a five part series for OoT.

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Twilight Princess had a great story... in my opinion.

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Um the stories of most games suck - this isn't very controversial. The problem seems to be that often the gameplay is entirely divorced from the need for much story or the story is an afterthought to the game mechanics. Now if you just want some mindless fun there's nothing wrong with that, but if you're hoping to play something with an engaging narrative then it gets a bit boring after awhile.

Having said that the Zelda games have a sufficiently engaging storyline that I've enjoyed the two I've played (Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword), but I am hopeful that the new game will be a bit more ambitious than yet another "Link travels through several element-themed dungeons to get the magic whatsis to defeat Ganondorf and rescue Zelda" tale. Sticking to this formula is why I've been unable to muster enough interest to get Wind Waker. The fan response goes "that's what makes it a Zelda game!" but actually it's only the creators of these games taking the easy way out and sticking to that formula is why that is - no reason why they cannot do something totally different like maybe have a Zelda game which puts Zelda in a starring role and doesn't involve battling Ganon? I'd settle for not going through fire world, sand world, water world and forest world too at a minimum!

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@Sean_Aaron Since you haven't played Majora's Mask obviously, you should probably go do that and have your whole mindset changed.

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They need to go more in-depth with in game storytelling.



Sidewinder wrote:

They need to go more in-depth with in game storytelling.

Why? Zelda stories are as good as any other.

Does Zelda story sucks? No. It does its purpose, and that's all itneeds.



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