Topic: Lets be honest; Zelda's Story sucks

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They need to go more in-depth with in game storytelling.



Sidewinder wrote:

They need to go more in-depth with in game storytelling.

Why? Zelda stories are as good as any other.

Does Zelda story sucks? No. It does its purpose, and that's all itneeds.



The story in Zelda games is always convenient and great in its own way. But there is a difference between the old games and the new one. The story is the mostly same, but Nintendo tries to tell it in modern way. There are more video sequences and more stopovers in the story. It makes the game more linear and more storybased than it should. In addition there are always textboxes and hand holding which slows the game down.

I guess: The story of Zelda can suck, if just the game feels free and it’s great.


I don't play Zelda for the story but I think the stories normally end up being quite interesting, especially with some of the side characters. I worry a bit that they might mess up the next Zelda by putting too much emphasis on the story.

My favourite story of all time in any game is probably Eternal Darkness.

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