Topic: Has the 3DS price drop made you think twice about buying a Wii U at launch?

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I didn't even think about that. Thanks!


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It to me will come down to the price, and if I think that Nintendo will be more honorable this generation and not just talk out of their ass, and if third parties won't lie and manipulate money out of my pocket and others with false promises and bs. The Wii is dead to be due to that, can't even enjoy the rare fun game anymore due to it. I won't pay more than $300 for a gaming system, only got the PS3 as early as I did due to the clearance of Circuit City stock when it went under, and WiiU is the same as after that I'd rather sink it into a computer.

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Dear Nintendo,

Please include Mario, Pokémon and 3rd Party Software with the Wii U at launch.


P.S. They don't have to be "traditional" versions, just "bundle" them in there somehow.

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I dunno if I'll get it at launch, it depends on two things:

  • Price
  • Launch games
    I hope we can get some first-party killer app at launch, probally not a Zelda but hopefully Mario or Metroid.

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Nope. If they do drop it, we get AmbassadUr status, and if not that, than at least extra months of play

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No. I don't think the Wii U will see a price drop if Nintendo actually learned from the 3DS launch "mistakes." Besides, what if they have a deal like with the 3DS launch? Remember how Excitebike was FREE? Imagine getting...Punchout NES for free...

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No, because Nintendo seems to have learned their lesson from the 3DS launch. I'm pretty confident with me buying the Wii U.

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No, it has not. I don't want to lose that brand new console lovin' feelin'.

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Nope. (I was hoping for a repeat of the Ambassador program) But E3 did.

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Nope. I'll get it at launch as long as I feel the price is reasonable.

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If I have the funds I'll get it. You want to wait for a better deal you might as well wait forever as there will always be a sale or a new bundle or whatever.

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I haven't even thought once about buying the Wii U at launch. Maybe I will once I see something worth playing on it.



I always get Nintendo consoles at launch anyways. But Nintendo has said they learned their lesson with launch pricing so I trust them to put it at a reasonable price.



i wasnt so much as upset with the price of the 3ds but i was little disaopinted that they drop the price so soon i mean a price drop is inevitable regardless

i dont expect the console to be that cheap or too expensive either so thats fine with me, however i may just wait if they dont release a black colour wiiu despite how badly not really i want one, and if i end up waiting that long i might as well wait till they release it in purple, or red or whatever



I'm lucky: I can afford to pay whatever they charge. And I'm buying it with gift cards anyway. But that doesn't mean I won't feel slighted if the price drops by 33 percent less than five months after I buy it and all I get in return is some download games I already had or didn't want, save for Yoshi's Island. I want to know why I need to buy this on launch day or during the launch window, as opposed to a year down the road. How about a limited-edition pack-in Super Mario Bros. game that has extra levels that aren't available on the retail version? Or something else that says, This console was purchased at launch and is extra special because of …

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I think this will be the first Nintendo I don't get at launch, (except the NES, I couldn't afford when it came out).
I just went to a WiiU 'experience' event and it was a little underwhelming. theres neat stuff there but the most impressive stuff looks the same as the same games ALREADY out for other consoles with some cute touchscreen functions. Looks like NintendoLand is the "pack-in" kind of thing and it's fun but not a system seller at all. I might want one eventually, but there'll have to be something serious that happens between now and then to win me over like... Zelda or Metroid, something exclusive and really good. I see nothing like that so far. (the controller is awesome but 3DSxl will keep me happy until I see better games)




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