Topic: Has the 3DS price drop made you think twice about buying a Wii U at launch?

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Just wondering if anyone else is thinking the same?

As soon as I heard about the Wii U in my mind it was always going to be a day 1 purchase, I bought the Wii at launch and the 3DS so it was a tradition I intended to keep going.

However the 3DS price drop has made me think twice, do I stick to tradtion of buying at launch or hang back a while hoping for a price drop.

I know price drops are always going to happen at some point down the line but the 3DS one was pretty drastic to say the least



No. Because when we bought the 3DS early, we got 20 free ambassador games. So maybe, when the Wii U fails and the price drops, then we'll get 20 more free games.

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pntjr wrote:

No. Because when we bought the 3DS early, we got 20 free ambassador games. So maybe, when the Wii U fails and the price drops, then we'll get 20 more free games.

I supose thats one way of looking at it lol,

I guess to sort of answer my own question I'll have to see what games are available when it launches, its no secret that the poor Launch line up has been 3DS's problem.

While i'm greatfull for the free ambassador games, if I could have my time again i'd probably hold off on the 3DS untill Super Mario Land 3D and Mario Kart 7 come out, there will probably be some attractive bundles available nearer the time.

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No because I wasn't expecting to get it near launch in the first place as it doesn't look like the wii U will have a very good early release schedule. Theres a chance that I might be proved wrong and it does have a good early release line-up but I doubt it will.


nope, I always like getting consoles or handhelds at launch.



Not really cause I dont by consoles at launch anyway. I aways wait about six months to a year after its released to pick it up. That way if there are any bugs in it or what not they should be fixed by than. Besides it also makes finding one a bit easier.

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Hmm, I hadn't even thought of that. At this point I don't see myself buying it at launch, simply because there's no games lined up for it. But if the launch lineup is solid I'll probably cave in.

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No. Based off of that third-party E3 video, I'll probably have Darksiders II and (the next most likely in my mind) Tekken, so that'll be fine for me at launch.

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quite he opposite, now I want to get Wii U at launch

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I'm sure they will take the 3DS's performance in mind when pricing the WiiU. The WiiU also didn't get the love at E3 that the 3DS did (though, it may next E3 when they have more to show). I'm sure it will be priced closer to what the market wants to pay ($300 or lower for a home console).

I doubt I'll have so few games to beat on my Wii, that I'll need to buy a WiiU at launch. It will depend on the price and games like everything else. (Sonic CD a launch title for WiiU VC along with a sale on the Sonic Genesis games would be pretty convincing, Nintendo)

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I don't think Nintendo will make the same mistakes again

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3D price drop is a factor to consider and not to forget, but even more important is how it will look compared to PS3 and then the number of AAA exclusive games at launch.



All depends, possibly? Has to be a good incentive to get it at launch though. I will probably wait 6 months to a year like Tasuki to watch for bugs or issues.

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Never, since I first saw the WiiU, did I think I would buy one before a MASSIVE price drop. I think this is the video game console equvelant of DERPYNESS. I think it might be PS4 or XNext for me.

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Idk, there are a couple of factors:

  • Price
  • Launch games
  • How developers will figure out how to use the software

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I'll make my decision in the same way I make my decision for all products. I'll get it as soon as my perceived value of the product is higher than the actual price. I got the 3DS early so I could play OoT3D, because Mario Kart and Super Mario were soon and because the DS served me well. I got the Wii early because Twilight Princess looked awesome, Wii Sports looked interesting and Super Mario Galaxy was soon. I got the DS latter because I didn't know what the deal was and I picked it up when the DS Lite launched with Mario Kart DS.

As it is..... I'm excited about the Wii U but I don't know enough about it to say if I'll get it at launch or not. If it's, say, less than $500AU and it launches with something as good as Smash Bros, Super Mario Galaxy, a New Zelda or an awesome third party game then I'll probably get it at launch.

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Good question!

I certainly won't be buying it in blind faith, like i did with the 3DS. If it has something special at launch, like a new franchise or a reboot of an old franchise that turns out really well, then I might buy it at launch. Otherwise I'l wait and see how it goes, sorry Nintendo, but that's what you get after the 3DS.



Absolutely not. I feel like Nintendo has learned their lesson on console pricing. And even if they didn't learn a thing, you think I'm gonna NOT buy a new Nintendo console at launch? Madness...

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