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I want to get Pikmin 3 but don't want to pay $60 for it. Does anyone know how long on average it takes for Nintendo published games to drop in price? I'm hoping it's less than a year.



It won't be less than a year, unless it turns out to be utterly terrible. Nintendo games are "evergreen." Many hit games on PS3 or 360 sell millions upon millions in the first month, and then shortly after their price drops in half because they don't sell. Nintendo published games tend to sell smaller amounts, but for a looooong time.

It won't drop for quite some time, and if it does, not by much.

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For Pikman 3 I would say it will be awhile more than likely. Nintendo games for some reason tend to be full price even years after their release. Mario Kart Wii is still going for $50 (with the Wii Wheel $40 without) brand new at places like Best Buy and Game Stop. Unless the do a Player's Choice line like they did with a few select Wii Games Pikman 2 being one of them for the Wii U my suggestion is to just look for a used copy if you dont want to pay the $60. Even if they do a Player's Choice line on the Wii U I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

The only other thing I can suggest is maybe pick it up when a store like Best Buy or Target does it Buy 2 games and get 1 free sale and pick it up than as your free game, but that will only work if you have a few games that you want to pick up at that time and have the money for 2 other games.

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Depends on where you are and what stores you're going to. Here in Aus the Wii U launched with most games costing $79 or so and now the big Nintendo titles (Nintendo Land/New SMB U) have dropped to $69 in most shops. Compared to the AAA third party titles which have dropped to something more like $49. With exceptions.

That said OoT 3D, Mario Kart 7 and SM 3D Land are still selling for $64 which is the same as the non-sale price for AAA titles on the 3DS old and new. No price drop. Which is crazy when you realise that some other high quality third party titles from the same period now go for $15.

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Thank you everyone. I might get it at release then based on the answers. I do see Amazon now selling New Super Mario U for $50. Maybe it's due to the disappointing Wii U console sales?



yeah most 1st party nintendo games hold there price for a looong time

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Sometimes it happens. Kirby Epic Yarn sells for less than $20, but Kirby Return to Dreamland is still at full price. The risk is that sometimes they are out of print. I could not buy Fire Emblem on the Wii.

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For the most part Nintendo games don't drop in price. I think Twilight Princess stayed at $50 until Skyward Sword came out, then it joined the Nintendo Select Titles at $20. Pikmin 3 probably won't get a price drop for, at the earliest, a full year

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I have had a case when the price actually went up. New Super Mario Bros Wii was being sold for $49 at my local Best Buy at launch, the game then hiked to $59 in 6 months, and it reached $64 in a year. I have never had this happen before with a game so it was strange.



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