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Just Guess at how much money you think that you threw into the Wii VC...

me i say around 400 dollars
and never bought a wii cd game just played VC and gamecube games... LOL

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I'm scared to know lol. Between VC and Wiiware I have over 100 downloaded games, so I would say about 500 - 600. I do get 10% off Wii points cards where I work though, so that helps out a little.



$0.00 never had a wii

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It's weird to me when someone says $10.00 is too expensive for a N64 game, like yeah, it's cheaper everywhere else. -_-

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Probably between 50-80$.

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Probably too much

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Maybe around $100 at most.



i did this recently myself, im near 1000$

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$18, although I still have $26 on my Wii I might spend on VC since WiiWare seems to have dried up.

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I calculated both VC and WiiWare together and that came near to £500... but I have more WiiWare than VC so y'know... :3

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Probably about $250 - $300 worth...

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A lot, more than 100 dlls easily.

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MikeDanger1 wrote:

$0.00 never had a wii

Then what in the blue hell are you doing on a Wii Virtual Console forum? Get lost man. Jesus...

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vio wrote:

MikeDanger1 wrote:

$0.00 never had a wii

Then what in the blue hell are you doing on a Wii Virtual Console forum? Get lost man. Jesus...

You're my new favourite user.

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