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What´s the best of trilogy for SNES in your opinon ?

For me, DKC 2 is the best and a masterpiece (easily one of the best games of SNES game library too)

DCK and DCK 3 are awesome too.

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Even though I haven't played DKC 3 yet, I'm gonna have to say DKC 2 because it had really awesome and creative level designs and it was really challenging. The original DKC is very good also.



I actually think 3 was the best. It had Dixie's awesome hair moves and Kiddies bouncing on water thingy.
The DKC series is weird as it phased out one of the playable characters after every game.
Donkey + Diddy | Diddy + Dixie | Dixie + Kiddy | if you know what I mean.

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I still love DKC2 the best. But all three are absolutely amazing!

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I personally do not like any Donkey Kong Country games.

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cheese wrote:

The DKC series is weird as it phased out one of the playable characters after every game.
Donkey + Diddy | Diddy + Dixie | Dixie + Kiddy | if you know what I mean.

That's actually one of the few things I liked about the series. Each one had its own unique feel due to the playable characters. I didn't play the sequels enough to choose a favorite, but they were all decent at worst. I found all the games to be too slow for my tastes though.

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I like 3 better than the original, I haven't played the 2, but I played DK Land 2 on the GB, which is supposedly identical thematically, but has different level design.

The worst part about 3 is that stupid Lightning Look-Out stage!


@Adam Very good point, I like your thinking.

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DKC2 is the best, DKC is 2nd, and DKC3 is 3rd.

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On the internet lots of people give 3 crap, but I dunno why, it's great. I'd actually say it and 2 tie, because they both have advantages and disadvantages over eachother, and use interesting level gimmicks the other doesn't.

1 though has aged pretty badly honestly. These days you can tell it was created to be a 'pretty' game first, not an interesting or engaging one. It feels ultra generic, like nothing besides the graphics set it apart. The trio of games really picked up afterwards, when they brought the series into it's own.



DKC2 is the best of the three! Definitely. One of the best games of my childhood.

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They're all great. 2 and 3 are both better than 1. 2 and 3 are about equal.


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I'd tie the first two DKC at the top, the 3rd has too many things to look for imo and was a bit easier, is still pretty good thou.
The first is pure platform perfection, the bonuses were harder to find and I just love to actually play with DK, the secondis bigger and has some of the greatest levels of them all, very challenging, it would be the best if it weren't for all those barrel levels or the ones where you have to fly with or as a parrot, those took me away from my beloved platform jumping.

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My favorite is the first DKC because I remember having so much fun with it as a kid. Plus I still play it to this very day and have as much fun. The second game would be my second favorite because it was challenging but fun. The third one from what I have played of it was alright but I miss playing as atleast Diddy Kong.



I had one, two, and three, and I always loved DKC2 the best. It had the perfect balance of fun and challenge, and the music and graphics were good. I always had to mess around with the contrast on my TV, though, so I could see everything properly. :3

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I think DKC2 was the best, but DKC3 was great as well. I think the second one has a better graphical style, very original locations, great music, and was challenging. Anyone remember Animal Antics? The second game was just 'cooler' than the other two.

People should also check out DKL, the rendering didn't translate very well, but the gameplay is good and it's more than a direct port, there are different levels, enemies and bosses.



I liked Donkey Kong Land, too. It featured yellow! How impressive! Haha, I still can't believe Nintendo thought anyone would care that Gameboy gained one color.

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DKC 2 is my favorite DKC THAN DKC3 but all r really good games



As many have already mentioned, I agree that DKC2 is the best, then DKC second, and DKC3 last. DKC2 was the only one I owned for SNES and I remember borrowing the first one from a friend. Eventually I bought all of them for the GBA and played through all of them. DKC3 has its charms but it just lost the unique atmosphere that DKC2 and DKC had. I will never forget in the first game the coolness when the level darkened a bit, rain starts falling, and the music changes (I think in the second level). So very awesome!

I would love to see a new DKC come out for DS with the same side-scrolling action but maybe with 3d graphics (like New SMB), not that there is anything wrong with the graphics from the original games. (@Adam) I don't think the games were too slow, but that's all a matter of personal taste. The unique thing I loved about this series is that it isn't meant to be a run-and-gun, barrel (pun!) on through the level as fast as possible, type of game like many side-scrollers tend towards. DKC allowed you to enjoy some good platform action while letting you really take in the beautiful environments in the game. It is equal parts action and atmosphere – a perfect blend!

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