Topic: What is the crown jewel of your collection?

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Not really valuable, but probably would have to be an old bootleg collection I couldn't resist picking up called Lusty Play. It's just a Nintendo cartridge holding a bunch of poorly coded NES Roms that all have the title screen changed to to some sort of mangled sex pun. Nothing else about the games have been changed which I find somehow disappointing.

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Honestly, my Virtual Boy complete with original box ^__^
I f**king love Wario Land on that machine and REALLY wish Nintendo would do the handful of great games that system had by letting me play them on my 3DS ^__^




The final issue of Nintendo Power. my pants.


I have a Magnavox Oddesey 2 with 3 games. All complete with original packaging and manuals or my JVC X'Eye.

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My Metroid Prime Trilogy... Which I haven't gotten yet...

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My Pseudo-Palutena AR card. my pants.


My unsealed copy of Night Trap (very rare). my pants.


Hm... I guess out of collectables, I'd have to say my collection of KIU AR cards, even though I don't have an incredible amount, only like 40 or something. And my favorites and best of those are...

Great Sacred Treasure
Great Sacred Treasure (Mech Armor)
Chaos Ring
Aurum Pyrrhon
Aurum Hive
Dark Pit (Flying)

I also have Palutena (Rare) from Club Nintendo.

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Gamesake wrote:

The final issue of Nintendo Power.

That's what I hope I can say in 10 years or so. I have nothing special

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The official Game Guide for Blue Dragon. I bought it used though and the last seven pages are missing. What's up with that? my pants.


Too many to choose from! I'm gonna ultra rare Triforce pin only given to members identified as 'Sages' on the old Nintendo forums closed a while back. Less than 300 people earned the distinction of Sage. Sages received the pin inside a nice black box with gold fabric nestling the triforce inside as well as a certifcate officially recognizing them as a Sage. I wasn't personally a Sage but I SO would have been had I been more into the internet back then. So anyway, I paid out 500 bucks for mine which is actually CHEAP! The last one sold before mine went for $1200! So yeah, my favorite and most rare possession is that :3

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My Ghaleon punching puppet. my pants.


Also if I can include something that is not retro, it is all my club nintendo stuff like my copies of game & watch collection 1 & 2, tingle's balloon fight...stuff like more of the pricey rewards.


between twilight princess for gamecube and metroid trilogy for me i think.

put it on.


My Golden Triforce Game Boy Advance SP is and special blue and red Mario Gamecube controller. I also have a load of mint condition Pokemon card shinies from the late 90's.

In terms of individual games nothing is too valuable but I do have a handful of relatively rare RPGs on the Gamecube and PS2 and Twilight Princess on the GC, which I was very lucky to get at launch. I also had some rare boxed N64 and GBA games but they were damaged when I moved house a few years ago.

All in all I like my whole game collection, retro, rare, or otherwise.



Game Boy micro, hands down.

Although my Game Boy Printer is very close to my heart.


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